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7 Indians Who Won Lotteries And Became Millionaires Overnight


Lottery, ee concept ni nenu aithe nammanu, I felt idi manshula emotions exploit chestundi anukune vaadini, but ivala kastha research chesaka, mind blast aipoindi. Inthamandi lottery lu win ayyi rathri rathri ki millionaires aipoina vaalu chalane unnaru. Kani idantha adrustam meedha depend ayyi undi, only a few people ke adrustam dakkudi.

Take a look at the list of people who won lotteries and became millionaires overnight

1. K. Anoop, an auto driver from Kerala won Rs. 25 Cr lottery. He will get Rs. 16.25 Cr after tax deductions.

2. Azad Singh, from Punjab purchased lottery tickets and won a cash prize of Rs 1.5 crore in February 2017.

3. Harikrishnan V Nair, a business development manager in a firm in Dubai, won a lottery of Rs. 20.8 crores in the Big Ticket Lottery at Abu Dhabi International Airpot.

4. Manoj Kumar, from Sangrur district, Punjab spent Rs. 200 to buy a lottery ticket in 2018. And he won Rs. 1.5 crore lottery.

5. Pratibha Mandal, a construction worker, from Kerala. He hit the jackpot by winning Rs. 80 Lakh in a lottery.

6. Renu Chauhan, from Amritsar, Punjab spent Rs. 100 for a lottery ticket and won a whopping Rs. 1 crore in the Punjab State Dear 100+ monthly lottery.

7. Vilas Rikkala, a farmer from Telangana went to Dubai in 2014, he won Rs. 28.5 crores in the UAE’s Big Ticket Draw in 2019.

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