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7 Things Only Classical Dancers Will Relate To


Accept or not, classical dance is one of the best and most influential dance forms in India. More than western, there is a lot of prominence for Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak and many others. Classical dance is not a cup of tea for everyone, like how Deepika Padukone explains in Happy New Year, dance is an art. So, here we are sharing some interesting things that every classical dancer will relate to:

1. Most of your friends and family that the dance form you are learning is eventually Kuchipudi or Bharatanatyam. They won’t even think about other classical dance forms like Kathak and others.

2. Whenever you listen to some classical music, unintentionally, your feet start tapping on the floor.

3. “I can’t come, I have a rehearsal,” is your favorite excuse for not hanging out with friends and family.

4. All your friends and family always request you to show them a move. You wanted to shout out at them.

5. Usually, dancing is your hobby and you don’t have any other in special.

6. Even though you give quite a good number of dance performances, you always feel nervous before every stage show.

7. Makeup to you is a necessity.

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