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7 Tollywood Movies which inspired real life mishaps


Movies lo nunchi manam chaala things ni mana lives lo ki teeseskuntam. Dialogues, songs, costumes, swag, punch dialogues, dance moves and many more untay. Movie lo bad character as well as good charcters untay but we see that most people get fascinated by the bad and very few feel the good in it. Here are some unexpected events that have happened in around us which were inspired from movies and their plots. This article doesn’t have a sole purpose of entertainment. We are trying to show you what mess has already happened and we would request all of you to take the good side of films and treat it as a source of entertainment.

1. Last year, a 15 year old was kidnapped and murdered. They have confessed that after watching the Tollywood film Oka Romantic Crime Katha, an idea struck to their minds to kidnap someone and make money.

2. In 2015, a 13 year old was murdered by 2 of his seniors who said that they have taken inspiration from the Telugu movie Don and aspired to become local goons. They have ironically taken inspiration from the villain of the movie rather than the better hero.

3. Many surveys that have been conducted after the release of Mahesh Babu’s Business Man whose results told that a large number of arrests of criminals have taken place where most of them have taken inspiration from the movie Business Man.

4. Bodyguard inspired the Kochi blackmail case, where two women, Ruksana and Bindiya, would honeytrap NRI businessmen, capture them in compromising positions on hidden cameras and blackmail them. The voice changing software Trisha uses to fool Venkatesh in Bodyguard, was used by these women when they had to blackmail the businessmen. Before being caught, the duo left their phone in a KSRTC bus to mislead the cops, while they themselves travelled to Trivandrum, just like in Drushyam.

5. A man targeted a businessman in the Maharashtrian city of Bhayandar, and threatened to kidnap and kill his five-year-old son. The plan of the accused was just like the sequence in Singham, where the victim is directed to place the ransom amount in the car’s trunk.

6. A number of crimes inspired by Drushyam, but the murder of Sunita Ahire by boyfriend Vikas Mhatre had the most similarities to the film.

7. A few cyber-incidents have reported to take inspiration from film Ladies and Gentleman.

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