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8 Amazing Facts about Telugu Industry’s Most Celebrated Love Story ‘Tholiprema’


Some movies are meant to be blockbusters, industry hits, all-time hits, but only a few films matram classics la migilipotayi. Aa classics list lo okati Karunakaran’s Toliprema. Yes, ee movie release aiyyi ippatiki 20 years avthunna ee movie still continues to inspire many movie makers one who wants to make beautiful love stories.

Ordinary middle class abbayi one-side love, youth-centric love drama tho appatlo young generation lo oka heart throbe waves create chesindi ee movie.

20 years back vacchina movie kabatti miku ee movie ki sambandinchina details konni telisi undavu so aa facts ento chuseddam.

1. Karunakaran Saw Pawan Photo on a News magazine at pan shop in Chennai and decided that PK as a lead actor.

2. Karunakaran is a painter in real life, Keerthi Reddy’s picture on postcards was drawn by him.

3. Pawan Kalyan Cut down his remuneration for the Taj Mahal set in the “Gaganam Udayam” song since the cost crossed the budget.

4. Pawan Kalyan gets his 2 stroke RX-100 modified. But the bike shown after modification is a 4 stroke dirt bike.

5. This music album doesn’t have any female voice in any of its songs.

6. It was a winner of six Nandi Awards and National Award, Best Feature film (Telugu), and ran for more than 365 days.

7. Toliprema was the debut movie for Anand Sai as art director and Vasuki Anand Who played Pawan Kalyan’s sister. They ended up falling in love and marrying each other.

8. The film had run for more than 100 days in 21 centres; it ran for more than 200 days in two centres.

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