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8 Best Andhra Recipes For Lunch!


For most people lunch is their favourite meal of the day. Infact today’s generation starts their day with lunch and not breakfast. For these reasons, we always try to make our lunch special. It is also a break that we take during office hours or during work from home.
Most times, we tend to look for quick options for lunch but are they healthy? And, if lunch is the first meal of your day, then it is important that you choose nutritious food and not unhealthy food. It is a myth that a healthy and nutritious meal take quite some time to cook. But that is not true at all. It can be made with minimal ingredients and in very less time.

So, are you a lover of the Andhra food?

Mostly, Andhra food reminds us of flavours, textures and spices. But, what the food is also known for is that it is super comforting. The rice items, curries or their rasams, everything is comforting and super delicious. So here are 8 Andhra recipes that are perfect for lunch time and can be made super easily.

1.One Pot Dal Rice

A lazy day? The work load is too high? Then do not worry as this One Pot Dal Rice has got your back. One pot meals often come to our rescue whenever we have no time to prepare a nutritious meal for ourselves. And this One Pot Dal Rice cooked with lentils, rice, veggies, spices and herbs makes it an absolute winner when it comes to lunch recipes.

2.Green Peas Pulao

If one pot meals are you favourite, then we have another delicious option for you. Wholesome, loaded with flavours and fun to make, this Green Peas Pulao is loved for everyone. All this recipe requires are green peas, rice and some spices. A must-try recipe if you ask us.

3.Bendakaya Pulusu

Bendakaya Pulusu is an authentic and flavourful dish from the kitchens of Andhra. It goes very well with hot rice and can be made in very less time. What make this distinct is that Bendakaya or Okra is cooked in a tamarind and red chilli gravy. A piece of jiggery can also be added for flavour. This is optional though. Spicy, tangy and nutritious, this is a great option for lunch.

4.Pineapple Rasam

For most South Indians, when we say comfort food, it has to be Rasam. Made with spices, herbs and lentils, this is filling and also good for health. Most people believe that Rasam is loaded with health benefits and cures flu and cold. Pineapple Rasam is a variant of rasam and cooking it with Pineapples adds a distinct flavour and smell to the dish. It tastes best when served with steamed rice and papad.

5.Vamu Rice

Vamu also known as Ajwain or Carom is a very healthy herb that has originated in the Mediterranean regions and now is widely used all over the world for cooking purposes. Ajwain find its way to Ayurveda too because of its medicinal values. It is good for digestion and fights bacteria. Vamu rice is one of the simplest dishes to cook. Some vaamu seeds, herbs and rice is all you need to cook this meal. You can also use leftover rice for this dish.

6.Munakkaya Masala Curry

A rich onion-tomato based gravy dish, this is ideal for lunch time. Munakkaya or Drumsticks Masala Curry is loaded with flavours and spices. To make this curry tastier, you can add coconut mixture or ground nuts mixture, so that the curry will have unique flavours and thick gravy. Are you trying this or not already?

7.Sambar Annam

Traditional Sambar Annam is everyone’s favourite. It is an absolute delight when it comes to its taste and flavours. The cooking procedure may look a bit tedious but that is not true. It is very simple to make and you need very few ingredients for cooking. Most people mistake this dish for Bisi Bele Bath, but the masalas used for Bisi Bele and Sambar Annam are completely different.

8.Gutti Vankaya Fry

Did we save our favourite dish for the last or what? Gutti Vankaya Fry is a traditional dish which is cooked with Brinjals, spices and herbs. Gutti Vankaya is basically brinjals stuffed with masala (can be made with ground nuts, cashew nuts or just tomatoes and onions), and then cooked on a pan. This is perhaps the best brinjal dish and we highly recommend this.

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