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8 Countries Around The World That Will Pay You In Return To Move & Settle In Their Country


Foreign lo studies, foreign lo countries settle avvali ani andariki untundi. Kani andaru adi afford cheyaleru after their financial issues and other reasons. But if countries foreign offer you money to move and settle in their countries. Yes meeru vinnadi correct eh some world countries 7 global cities are actually paying you in return to move & settle in their country.

Here’s A List Of World Countries That Actually Pay You In Return To Move & Settle In Their Country….

1. Alaska of North America

Pay You Rs 1,30,000 as they run a program called the Alaska Permanent Fund, which allots an equal amount to every resident

If you live in the state for an entire year this cold place in Northern America, grants you 1,30,000 through Alaska Permanent Fund programme.

2. Dublin, Ireland

Rewards You €120 million To Start Business In Their Country

Ireland, this small island country, offers you to come up with a good start-up idea in their country. If you move and start a business they will pay you 120 Million Euros to start your business.

3. Chile, South America

Provides you Rs 11,00,000 worth of equity-free funding

The Government of Chile has a seed accelerator program called ‘Start-up Chile’. Through this programme they offer Rs 11,00,000 worth of equity-free funding to start up business in chile.

4. Ponga Of Spain

Ponga Of Spain gives young couples approximately Rs 3,00,000 to move there

This small village in Spain, offers young couples Rs 3,00,000 to move there, do business, create employment and increase its population.

5. Candela of Italy

The young couple with 1 kid gets Rs 1,60,000 with 2 kids gets 1,80,000

Any young couple who like to move and settle are eligible for this offer just to increase the younger demographic in this global city.

6. Santo Steffano Di Sessanio Of Italy

Rs 40,00,000 to relocate and Rs 18,00,000 to start a business here

Yes you heard it right, Due to its ageing population, this southern italian city pays young entrepreneurs to set up businesses there and settle. Above 18 and under 40 aged people are eligible for this programme.

7. Albinen Of Switzerland

Gives Rs 20,00,000 per adult Rs 8,00,000 to children to move and increase its population.

This small village in Switzerland has a population of 240 only and to increase its population, to ease business, create wealth etc they are offering this huge amount. But one must stay for 10 years and your permanent residence will cost around Rs 1.5 Cr.

8. Tulsa Of Oklahoma

Tulsa Of Oklahoma is inviting remote workers to join their community in return they’ll pay you Rs 8,00,000

The city of Tulsa is looking for remote workers who should be eligible to work in the US and ready to move to the US to work in the next 12 months.

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