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8 Different types of prasadam eaters


Gudiki eh time lo vellina, bhaktulaki prasadam ivvakunda undaru. They make everyone happy. Here are a few kind of prasadam eaters

1. They eat just one metku. Edo ala formality kosam.1 Different types of prasadam eaters-min
2. They love konni temples lo prasadam that they do not go back asking for some more.
3. There are queue breakers. These people entha mandi line lo una first velli teeskoni vellipotharu.
4. They get themselves an empty bag, pack some for family and go.
5. Kondaru come to temple and have prasadam as their first food.
6. There are people who love eating prasadam from mom’s or dad’s or friends hands but do not take any themselves.
7. Inkondarki..hands wash cheskoniki baddakam authadi, so they ask others to bring for them and feed too.
8. Edaina pedda pilgrimage tour ki velthe, their bag is filled with so much prasadam. Initki ochinaka main work starts with distributing.

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