8 Reasons Why Nani’s Pilla Zamindar Is Considered Very Special In His Career

Contributed By Sravya Gowrisetty

8 years back ee film release ainapudu, people reviewed it to be an average or an above-average film. Viewers felt it was a one-time watch. Ee movie classic and epic movies group lo undadukani this movie has become crowd’s favourite with time. Oka point lo ee movie niennisarluchushna bore kottaduane stage ki we have come. Tv lo ee movie ochinapratisaari there is no other go, we just put back the remote and stick to the channel.

Pilla Zamindar crowd ni attracts chesina few aspects:

1.Genuine and amusing entertainment that will not go off your heads, no matter how many times you watch it.

Pilla Zamindar2. Nani stole people’s hearts with his natural performance, as always.

Pilla Zamindar3. Nani’s character portrayal of PJ, his transformation from being a rich and spoilt brat to a kind and matured human has been shown in a very smooth way that the viewers also travel along with PJ in his journey.

Pilla Zamindar4. The supportive cast had good roles and everyone lived to it.

Pilla Zamindar5. Friendship can create wonders.

Pilla Zamindar6. Comedy was not on a person but it was more timely and situational.

Pilla Zamindar7. Naniki punishment ichinapudu, Ayyayyoane song comes to play in the background and this definitely, room lo cheppina horror stories and many tiny scenes that catch our eyes for a long long time.

Pilla Zamindar8. Lastly, the lessons this film teaches are the most valuable.

Pilla Zamindar


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