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80’s and 90’s kids will surely not forget these games!


1. Antakshari1-antakshariThis game is still played kani mnan time lo idi basket ball oo cricket oo anantha untunde. This was the most loved family game. Motham family antha kurchoni aade one and only game! Kotha kotha singers pudtharu ee game aade time lo. Entha memories asalu.

2. LagoriIdi na favorite outdoor game. It needs a lot of physical strength.a group of stones are hit and teams of two will run behind the dispersed stones; one team to put them back and one team will stop the other one. Baaga tinali and friends ni gather chesi ee game aadali. Super fun asala.

3. Gilli DandaTwo sticsks untay abba..okati peddadu okati chinnadi. Peddadi is called danda and chinnadi is called gilli. It is similar to cricket and baseball.

4. Moksha patam or Snakes and LaddersEe game was always in our bags and play it with as many people. Okkate problem untunde..coins are easily misplaced.

5. Kho KhoThis is a renewed sport in many places but was also a game we play in our Games hour schools lo or when we have big group of friends and want to play something outdoors.

6. Tokkudu BillaEe game aadani gril ledu. Boxes in a format are drawn ground meeda ns a stone is thrown into one of those boxed and then we hop to pick up the stone with other rules toooo.. awesome untunde asalu.

7. Ashta ChammaLudo like game so much fun when played with 4 members max. ipatki kuda try playing this game and you will have so much fun!.

8. Name, place, animal, thingThis is a paper game and can be played by anynumber of people at the same time. Oka person oka alphabet pick cheyyali and everyone has to write one of each with the alphabet. Ala points ekoni winners choose chestharu.

9. Pen cricketBook and pen and 2 teams. Ee game adataniki evaru aapaleru. Awesome fun. Please check out and play now for all those who missed it.

10. Bingo5*5 grid lo numbers raasi bingo game…every class lo best timepass ide!

11. Pen fightBench meeda pens tho WWF antha intense ga fight cheskovochu. Class to class gap lo this game was played almost by everyone.
There are many more games that we played. Please comment and let us know what you always played in your childhood!

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