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9 Amazing working laws from around the world


1. India: No working on a national holidayworking lawsIndia lo Republic Day, Independence Day inka Gandhi Jayanti national holidays. National holidays roju compulsory holiday undali. Okavela mee company meetho national holiday naadu work cheinste you will be paid double the normal rate of salary.
2. Netherlands: 4-day week:Meeru 5 day week toh eh happy ga unnara? Think twice! Netherlands lo all offices follow the 4 day working rule. Employees well bring kosam Netherlands Government ee rule ni chesindhi.
3. UAE: Reading BreakUAE lo okka kottha law introduce ayyindhi. UAE lo pani chese employees book chadavadaaniki office hours lo break teesukovacchu.
4. Belgium: Career BreaksBelgium lo job odhilesaka vacation ki vellachu inka ee breaks kosam you will get paid. Entha amazing ga undhi kadha?
5. Austria: Compulsory paid vacationAustria lo employees ki yearly 22 days paid vacations untaayi. 25 year kante ekkuva experience undevaallaki inka ekkuva paid vactions untaayi. Idhi inka 13 days ki extend chesukovacchu. If you work on those days you will get paid extra!
6. Europe: Work time is inclusive of travel timeOffice ki travel chese time will be included in your work time ani European Court of Justice (ECJ) declare chesindhi, 2 years ago. Ante meeku office cherukovadaaniki 1 hour pattindhi ante, you’ve already worked for 1 hour.
7. Portugal: No FiringPortugal lo companies, employee ni fire cheyyalevu. The employee quit cheyali ante extra money icchi request cheyalsindhe!
8. Germany: Ban on working SaturdaysSaturday roju work cheyadamu is a strict NO NO, Germany lo. Employees vaala weekends enjoy cheyaali ani Germany Government ee decision teesukundhi.
9. Australia: Flex TimeFlex Time kindha, Australia lo employees vaalla work hours inka working days decide chesukovacchu. Employees overtime chesthe they can adjust it to their working hours.

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