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9 Crazy Things Every Gang Can Relate To After Watching Ee Nagaranaki Emaindi


Ee Nagaranaki Emaindi movie trailer release aiyyina daggara nundi youth audience ee movie kosam wait chesaru. And finally release aiyyina movie chusina youth antha instant ga story ki connect aiyyaru. Previous Rom-Com Pellichoopulu flick direct chesina Tharun Bhascker ee movie ni total buddy comedy ga typical hyderabadi style lo present chesadu.

Movie story plot ekkuva serious ga undaka poina, every friend can gang definitely relate with Four lead characters Karthik, Vivek, Kaushik and Upendra. Movie similar ga konchem Hollywood The Hangover, la anpinchina movie has its own tempo and freshness.

Ee movie chusina youth audience and friends can easily relate and connect to characters at throughout the film.

So aa things ento okasari chuseddam.

1. Friends and their Bromance

Ee Nagaranaki Emaindi

Mana friends tho manam chesay chillar panulu, class bunk, hangover aiyyaka chesay silly things, okadi mida okadu veskuney punch lu and bromance things all we experienced can relate with Ee Nagaranaki Emaindi.

2. A short film freaks …

Every 5 members gang lo okadu pakka short film antey passion and director kavalaney passionate Vivek character ki definite ga relate cheskuntaru.

3. College Days

Movie lo Is That Clear! ane Lab episode chusi pakka we can relate our college days bunks, college memories, and time we had at college.

4. Crush, Love, and Breakup.

College lo manaki jargina crush, love, girlfriend, and break up things face chesina vallu Vivek character tho connect avtharu.

5. Alcoholic Gang and Go Goa Gone batch…

Alcohol tagesi raccha rambola chesay gangs gurunchi chepanavasaram ledu, ala cheyyani gang undadu. And prati gang Go Goa Gone ane moment kosam wait for chestha untaru and some gangs full tagesi one-night lo Goa ki start aiyye batch untaru those can easily relate with this 4 buddy gang.

Ika Four Characters…

6. Kaushik 2.0

Rebecca…. dubbing artist ga chesina Kaushik character avtey peaks its a crowd pulling factor in the film.

Kaushik lanti fun and comic sense unna friend gangs antha ee movie chusaka they relate their friends with the character.

7. Vivek

Vivek character can relate with a passionate and ambitious friend who want to be a film director. At the same time, we can also relate with a friend who is insecure, love failure and alcohol addicted friend tho kuda relate cheskovacchu.

8. Karthik.

The middle-class friend with job passion, full of responsibilities, and struggle hard to settle down with the hardwork he knew.Photoghraphy and other things mida interest unna carrer kosam anni pakkana pette karthik character tho relate cheskovacchu.

9.Upendra Uppu.

Tuesday roju alcohol tagakunda only thick shakes matrame tagey mazaa character friends tho manam ee Upendra character tho relate cheskovacchu.

So, Ee Nagaranaki Emaindi is definitely a fun ride and you have to experience with your gang. Simply Ee Nagaranaki Emaindi is a Telugu-sized version of Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara.

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