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11 Instances Every Girl Has To Go Through At least Once In Her Life


Prathi ammayiki thana life lo konni special moments untay! Lifelong cherish cheskune ah moments ento chuddhama?

  1. Starting life with dad pampering sessions:

Avnu kadha! prathi ammay ni first valla daddy eh pamper chestharu. Idhi nijanga privilege. After all, girls are and will always be daddy’s little girl, no matter how old they grow.

  1. Turning 13:

No more hitting or public rants and insults by parents. A mini achievement in itself…hehe:p

  1. When mom opened up her wardrobe for her for the first time:

Okkasari mana wardrobe independency manaki iccharante ah happiness eh veru! Only girls can understand this point very clearly.

  1. First trip to the beauty parlour for major beauty sessions:

First-time parlour ki velle appudu admit it you will have some nervousness. Asalu manaki ela chestharo…chesaka manakadhi set avthundho ledho ani over ga think chesthu untam! Kani many times first-time parlour ki velladam anedhi planned undadhu.

  1. Excited for the farewell party at school:

This will be quite a proud moment as every girl get to experiment with her fashion taste and dress up like a diva she always wanted to be!

  1. First successful tryst with kitchen inhabitants:

First time cook chesinappudu vacche feeling eh veru. Meeru cook chesarante meere nammaleni oka excitement adhi. Intlo vallandhariki petti ela undhi? Ela undhi ani malli malli adigi untaru.

  1. Being proposed for the first time:

Almost idhi andhariki school lo jarigi untundhi. Proposal vacchinappudu ah mixed feelings ela untayo oka girl ki mathrame thelsu.

  1. First job- A proud moment:

Graduation ayyaka first achievement job eh! First job evarikaina special eh….mana friends, family lo adhi oka proud moment.

  1. First self-sponsored shopping:

Parents icchina pocket money tho shopping cheyyadam veru, own ga earn cheskunna money tho shopping cheyyadam veru. Did you ever experienced it?

  1. The wedding day:

Pelli avvaka mundhu oka ammay life veru, ayyaka veru. She has to take care of more people after her marriage. From being “daddy’s little princess” to a queen in the making, will move a notch higher instantly! This is one of the most memorable days in every girl’s life!

  1. Becoming mommy!

Entering into motherhood is a very special moment in every girl’s life. Those painful hours of being in labour, suddenly transformed into the most wonderful and soothing moments instantly when she saw her baby for the very first time. Blissful, serene and overwhelming!

Dedicating this article to all the girls reading out there! Hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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