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9 kickass Female villains in Tollywood movies


Women can act really flexible ani prove cheshnaru kondaru ladies who played negative roles in movies and did a fantastic job. There is no such thing as a male territory or female territory in work! Here are 5 such actors who have given remarkable performances in movies.

1. Ramya Krishna in Narasimha1-ramya-krishna-in-narasimhaNeelambhari ane character lo she performed her best and gave a strong competition to the other actors in the film and also in the industry. Asalu aa attitude, the style, dialogue delivery, inka evaru cheyyaleru bhaiyya!

2. Raasi in NijamTrue that Gopichand did his best performance in negative shade for this film. But do not forget that lady, Rashi who played with Gopichand and carried a swag which was magnificient.

3. Subhashini in ArundatiIme navvu endi andi…asalu inka dialogues avasaramledu. Bhayam automatic ga create aipotundi.

4. Telangana Shakuntala in okkaduAsalu this lady screen meeda kanpisthene it is more than entertainment for us!

5. Sarita in ArjunHer cruel instincts in the inside and a good picture in the outside was so apt. not many will be able to carry such roles.

6. Manchu Lakshmi in Anaganaga oka DheeruduEe movie ki graphics entha beauty ichindo … antha kante ekva thrill create chesindi this lady in the negative shade.

7. Anasuya in KshanamShe was a true suspense and a surprise villain in the movie and made good justice to the role!

8. Vijaya Lalitha in Sahasa Veerudu Sagara KanyaShe is yesteryear’s most admired actress and is given lot of applauds for her roles in every movie. One such role is the antagonist role.

9. Bhanu Priya in Gudachari 117She now is appearing in senior roles but was once in the hearts of much audience. She as applauded for her double role in the movie and also for a negative shaded role.

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