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These 9 Records Of Virat Kohli In T20 World Cups Prove, He Is An Unbeatable Beast In T20 WC


Virat Kohli – the most celebrated name in present Indian & International cricket. ODIS, Tests, T20s you name it he will play it with finesse batting numbers and records in his whole career. But Virat has gone through a very bad phase in the last 2 years not even scoring 1 century during this phase. But King Kohli bounced back with the Afghanistan & South Africa series before the T20 World Cup. And he Kickstarter T20 WC campaign with beast mode comeback against Pakistan and gave it back to critics, media and others.

King Kohli batting numbers in 3 formats is something no other cricket can match. But when it is coming to the T20 World Cup he is something else and a beast. Yes, Records Of Virat Kohli In T20 World Cups is unmatchable and no other player is close to him.

Here Are 8 Records Of Virat Kohli In T20 World Cups That Prove He Is Unbeatable Beast In T20 WC

1. Most Fifties In T20 World Cup – 11

Virat Kohli
Matches: 22
Fifties: 11
Strike Rate: 129.6

2. First Indian & 3rd Most Cricketer With Most Runs In T20 World Cup – 927 Runs

Virat Kohli
Matches: 22
Runs: 927
Avg: 84.25

3. Most Unbeatens While Run Chase – 11 Not Outs

Not Outs (Unbeaten): 11 N.O

4. Highest Average In T20 World Cups – Average 84.27

Avg: 84.27
Matches & Inns: 22 & 20
Not Outs: 9
Runs: 927

5. Only Indian Batsmen In Top 5 Highest Strike Rate – Strike Rate 146.66

#1 Darren Samy – Strike Rate 164.12
#2 Shahid Afridi – Strike Rate 154.23
#3 Imran Nazir – Strike Rate 150.00
#4 Kevin Pietersen – Strike Rate 148.33
#5 Virat Kohli – Strike Rate 146.66

6. Most runs while chasing in Men’s T20 World Cup: Virat Kohli – 541 In (10 inns)

David Warner 543 – (20 inns)
Virat Kohli 541 – (10 inns)
Rohit Sharma 457 – (15 inns)
Chris Gayle 393 – (14 inns)

7. Most Fifties In Run Chase – 7 Fifties In 9 Successful Chases

Virat Kohli has the most 7 fifties in nine successful run chases in the competition’s history, and has been dismissed only once while chasing.

8. The Highest Average In T20 WC While Chasing – Average 518

Average: 518
Innings: 9
High Score: 82
Strike Rate: 139.62

9. Best Average & Strike Rate Against Opponent In T20 WC

Virat Kohli has the highest average of 81.33 which is the best for any player against an opponent in the format with a minimum of ten innings batted.

Virat Kohli Against Pakistan In T20 WC

Innings: 10
Runs: 488
Highest: 82*
Average: 81.33
Strike Rate: 123.85
Fifties: 5
MOM: 4


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