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A Detailed Explanation Of Upendra 2 Is Finally Here & It’s Mind Bending


Ala jebulo rendu chetulu pettukoni naduchukuntu vellipoye moment naa life lo okasari jarigindi ade Upendra 2 movie chusaka!!! Ippatiki aa movie ento naaku ardam kaaledu, enduko ivala Uppi songs vinta unte, sudden ga Upendra 2 meedaki mind poindi, anthe asalu Upendra 2 movie lo Uppi em cheppadalchukunnadu ane daani meedha search chesthe final ga Quora lo Hemanth Kumar ane aina ichina answer chusi mind block aindi, inka aa trance lo ne unna, meelo kuda naa lanti Upendra 2 movie fans unte, idigo ee explanation chadivi trance lo ki vellipondi..

This write-up belongs to Hemanth Kumar:

Uppi-2 is one thought provoking movie and has left the audience thinking about what exactly the climax is conveying and what is happening in second half.

I am writing my version of understanding and I am sure there are lot of versions for this movie understanding, such is the scope of this movie. Every time I watch this movie I understand something more.

The first half doesn’t have much confusions as we will have to believe whatever “neenu” speaks. It’s the second half that creates lot of confusion with giving clues on existence of “nanu” and” neenu”.

Whether this guy is naanu or neenu or is he acting that way to achieve something. What exactly this guy is up to , what is he trying to do. These are some of the questions I had while watching second half.

When you see the climax they even introduce a new character of him as a cop which adds to the already existing confusion.

Inspite of all this confusion created , there was one thing clear about the objective of all the three characters, “It is to get the KHUSHI”. This is where the message is, Khushi doesn’t mean just a girl. It’s the real Khushi (happiness) we all would like to have in our life and work hard to get that.

What are those the characters specialty :

1)Neenu: He finds happiness (khushi) just thinking about the present, no past, no future thinking. No selfishness, no questions. He does not differentiate between Khushi and Lakshmi. He just leads a simple life without thinking about any consequences.( While the rest others are of opinion that there exists a separate Lakshmi and Khushi).

2) Naanu: He has high desires in life and is always having 6 people behind him ( Kaama , krodha, Lobha , Moha,Madha , Mathsarya ) and he will do anything to get what he want. Naanu is primarily the reason of the past influence.

3) Undercover Cop: The ultimate aim of him to capture the don which would in turn help him to get Khushi, which is an action for future, So he represent Avnu(Future).

Neenu is the person who will always have Khushi first within himself irrespective of whatever the situation and not think of any consequences, While the other two thinks a lot about the past and future and plans there action to get Khushi.

Climax conveys: Only the present is existent, the past(naanu)and future(cop) are imaginary.

The only person who always lived in present is neenu and so he always had Khushi with him. The climax shows while the cop (thinking about future) and naanu(past influence) were fighting to get Khushi, Neenu who is not involved in all these things(relaxing at home) get the Khushi(Kristina-symbolically she meant happiness).

He got Khushi by not thinking about anything, which also got him Lakshmi (wealth).If he had not lived in present, he wouldn’t have got Kushi, and hence not even Lakshmi.

So this conveys a message that Live a life in such a way that you will get Khushi, Lakshmi will automatically follow you.

Final message: You don’t need wealth or luck to get Khushi(happiness). It is within you which you can find Khushi when you stop thinking of all the pros and cons that can happen because of your present action.

“Don’t live in Past, Don’t think about the future, Live the life to fullest at Present”.

Recommendation: Watch uppi-2 at least 2-3 times!! 😉 🙂

P.S: This is just for those who has watched the movie once and has gone mad(no clue) what happened in the movie.

Read this and watch the movie again you will start admiring Upendra and this brilliant movie(Uppi-2).

Credits: Hemanth Kumar


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