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A Short Story About Musings Of A Girl Who Quits Her Job


There are various people in this world going through different phases of life, experiencing a variety of situations. Let’s hear one small story of a woman who wants to convey us something with it.

“ Like every girl, even I got married. It was a happy and memorable wedding!

Due to the profession of my husband in another city, I quit my job as I thought it was a perfect time to take a break in career after working for 4years for an MNC.

Short Story About Musings Of A Girl

Many suggested me not to take a break and instead ask for a transfer or look for another job. I was told that it will affect my future if there is a gap in the work experience. But I badly needed a break from my desk job, so I turned a deaf ear to what people said.

Though I initially enjoyed a lot of my vacation from work, I slowly started feeling bored. When someone asked me what I was doing, I felt little awkward and low to say that am currently not working. The reality slowly started creeping in!

For the one who worked almost 9 hours a day, now just sitting at home seemed like an early retirement. The pay cheque which sparks me up at the first of every month is now a thing of past! A feeling of regret for quitting the job sprouted. Now with all these things going on in my head, it’s really hard to have a peace of mind. I stopped enjoying my break time which I always wanted.

As I was lazily sitting and watching a movie, the clouds gathered and the trees danced welcoming the first rains of the season. I immediately ran into the balcony stretching my hands out! It was a moment bliss!! Dripping rain drops, cool breezes and the smell of refreshed soil! Woah!!

Then it suddenly struck me!! I remember myself watching through the glass window of the AC cabin of my company looking at the rain, but unable to go and enjoy it as I had loads of work to complete! Not only this, there are many other things which I had to forgo because of my busy schedule.

No time to exercise, no time for my hobbies, no time to travel etc etc. Yeah there were weekends, but most of them were occupied for family commitments or dedicated to my bed to compensate all the sleep of the week.

Now that I have loads of free time, why shouldn’t I do all that I missed? Yes, that was the moment of realization! I started exercising daily, travelled few places, many more to go! took up freelancing, gave time to my hobbies, cooked for my husband, started making a house home by giving it personal touches, joined an NGO and I am having the happy days of my life. I started doing a job for a life like this. But somewhere down the line, I stopped enjoying my work. Now that I have the time and space, I see it as a second chance where I can redesign my career and take up something that interests me! It’s never late! ”

Sometimes there will be days when we feel we are not doing enough with our lives. We might be disappointed with our decisions, but it’s better to look at the bright side of it and make most out of that phase of life.

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