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After Statue Of Equality, 8 Major Attractions That Are Shaping Up In Hyderabad


Oka 10 years back Hyderabad chusina vallaki ippudu unna Hyderabad chupisthe definite ga surprise avtharu. Modified roads, IT Hubs, number of flyovers to curb traffic, Durgam Cheruvu Cable and renovated tourist attractions like Tank Bund, Necklace road ila last 10 years lo eppudu leni vidhanga mana viswa Nagaram modify aindi ane cheppali.

GHMC officials with the help of state Govt chala develop chesindi inka chestundi kuda. And recent ga Statue Of Equality tho maro tourist attraction add aindi mana Hyderabad lo. Idi just sample matrame konni rojulu agithe city lo inka chala attractions add avthayi antunnaru officials.

Avunu Hyderabad ni World’s Smartest City ga cheyadaniki chala efforts pedtunnaru officials and inko 8 major attractions tho Hyderabad inka konchem renovate ayye chances unnayi avento oosari chuseyandi….

1. V Shaped Bridge Jutting Into Tank Bund

Tank Bund ante road meeda nundi walkway laaga oka V Shaped bridge rabotundi. Ide osthe Tank Bund ki inko attraction add ainatte.

2. Rs 1500 Crore 47 Floors Co-living Space – Hyderabad One (H1)

1500 crores tho lavish-luxurious India’s first Co-living Space ki Hyderabad ready avtundi. Indulo Rs 26K to 36k ki twin sharing rooms with clubs, hotels, restaurants, bars, and swimming pool on top of the building.

3. 125 Ft Ambedkar Statue

After the 216 Ft Statue Of Equality, Hyderabad is all set to unveil a 125 Ft mammoth Dr Ambedkar’s statue soon in Hyderabad.

4. Police Towers In Banjara Hills

As we already know Hyderabad Police Department is going to have a four tower corporate office styledCop Command Center in Banjara Hills which is going to be inaugurated soon.

5. Asia’s Largest Housing Colony

With 15,600 dwelling units spread across 112 blocks constructed under the State government’s flagship Dignity Housing Scheme for the poor, it will soon be inaugurated by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.

6. Bansilalpet Stepwell Restoration

17th century old Bansilalpet Stepwell is under renovation after 2000 tonnes of debris was removed BY GHMC officials recently. Idi ee year August 15t Independence Day ki ready avtundi.

7. Twin IT Towers In Kompally

Kompally ni next IT hub ga chese plan lo ikkada Twin IT Towers ni construct chestunnaru. 10 Lakh acres

8. 2nd Largest Flyover From Aramghar To Nehru Zoological Park

After Shaikpet flyover, GHMC is all set to inaugurate 2nd Largest Flyover From Aramghar To Nehru Zoological Park by end of this year.

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