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All You Need To Know About Telangana’s ‘Police Command And Control Centre’ – The Third Eye\

All You Need To Know About Telangana's 'Police Command And Control Centre’ - The Third Eye\

Another Day Another Feather Added To Hyderabad & Telangana State. Yes Durgam Cheruvu, T-Hub 2.0, lanti enno major attractions taruvatha Telangana state ki inko special attraction add on avutundi from August 4th. Aithe ee attraction just visual treat and tourist attraction kadu idi State kosam and State lo unna citizens kosam design chesina project.

Aa project eh ‘‘Police Command And Control Center’ AKA The Third Eye Or Police Towers Located At Banjara Hills Of Hyderabad. 2015 lo start chesina ee prestigious project came to an end and all set to inaugurated by Telangana Cm KCR.

As All You There Is Just Hours To Unveil Or Inaugurate This Building, Here’s All You Need To Know About Telangana ‘Police Command And Control Center….

1. Police Command And Control Center AKA The Third Eye Or Police Towers Located In Banjara Hills Is Inaugurated By Telangana Chief Minister KCR

2. The All New ‘Police Command And Control Center’ Is The First Of Its Kind Skyscraper In India and Is Built To Strengthen the Police System In Telangana. Here Are Some Interesting Things About The ‘The Third Eye Of Telangana

3. Foundation Was Laid By CM KCR In 2015, With an Estimated Construction Cost of Rs 300 Crore. After inviting tenders for designs, KCR accepted the design of the twin towers having solar roofs with Green Energy concept by one company among different designs presented by 15 companies

4. Located On Banjara Hills Road No.12, The Govt Allotted 8 Acres of Land To Police Command And Control Center. Competing with World class police buildings the 2 tower building is proposed By Government in 2015

5. Started with 300 crores estimated cost of 300 crores and deadline of 2020. But it took 600+ crores and almost 7 years to build after lockdown restrictions halt the works between 2020-2022

6. The 4-towered complex has 20 floors with a built-up area of 5.5 lakh square feet. Tower A, which stands on the left side of the center, will house the Hyderabad police commissioner’s office as well as administrative divisions. Tower B on the right will house the Surveillance team, She Teams, emergency response-related agencies, Hawk Eye assistance, and the traffic command center

7. The Hawkeye team will monitor 9.25 lakh cameras installed in the State. Also, the building has been designed to house technology teams working in back-end operations to support field policing. It will also act as a Disaster and Crisis Management Center housing all the related government departments.

8. The command center will have parking space for over 600 4-wheelers & helipads at the top of the building. The double glass curtain wall technology in the towers boosts energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and acoustics.

9. The All New Police Command And Control Center Is Open For Visitors, where they are allowed to enjoy a top view of Hyderabad city from the 14th Floor of the building


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