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Apple Battery Replacement Program Now Live in India.


Apple accepted that the Company’s new Operating System iOS 11 intentionally slows down the older iPhones in order to prevent the sudden Shutdowns and throttling due to old chipsets inside the old iPhones and this made a huge debate between Apple users and the company and finally in December 2017 Apple officially released apology letter in official Website and in their blogs to its customers mentioned as they are working on cutting battery replacement prices.old batteriesApple stated in its apology letter as battery replacement program will start end of January 2018 but, Apple said for better service it made the Battery replacement program live in many countries including India and now you people who are facing battery issues or sudden shutdowns or throttling iPhones with out-of-Warranty can replace their batteries at lower cost.

Apple written an apology letter that published in official Apple website “ We need our customers to use old iPhones as Long as possible with better performance” Battery replacement cost reduced by $50 from $79 and now the battery is available at $29 in every country and Apple said that it is happy in reducing price of battery to make every customer happy.

Well, the Battery price now in India is ₹2000 plus taxes, previously same battery costs ₹6500 plus taxes this offer is valid to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus valid till December 2018 globally, it’s a first stage of batteries shipping to every country and be patient if the batteries are out of stock at stores also, they will be back in few days again after the stock lasts and this is just an initial stage.

Apple announced that in next iOS update it will bring battery health check module in Settings, better check the speed of your CPU by installing “AnTuTu” app from Appstore and run all the tests and take to the store for battery replacement.

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