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“The Awkward Yeti” Is All Your Heart And Mind Needs To Know Of..!!


By Sravanthi Talluri

If there’s one web comic of today, that I can swear my life on, that’s The Awkward Yeti. It just simply has it all. It’s science, world, thoughts, craziness, cuteness and everything within you! Why wouldn’t you love it?

Introspection takes a new name for Nick Seluk, or the most popularly known ‘Yeti Creator’, the brain behind “theawkwardyeti.com”. He has two parallel web-comics running – everything that goes on in the life of an absolutely huggable, lovable beautiful creature “Lars”, the Yeti. Lars is an explorer of the world, trying so hard to fit in but ending up being an awkward, funny, oddly expressive personality. You laugh at him, but you can’t help say ‘’Awww’’ too.

Everything within his anatomy – the very struggle of a heart and brain – now this is the part I abso-freaking-lutely drool on! For a comic lover, this “Heart and Brain” comics are what a trip to Disneyland is to a kid!

Here I compile the fifteen best of his works!

The eternal love story of the heart and the brain: 

When you feel like shit but don’t know why: 

When the Gotham City of your brain is in trouble: 

The irrevocable effects of non-obedient teeth: 

Enough Said : 

The making of ‘’Love’’: 

The reason behind last-minute panic: 

The love triangle: 

It’s all made “up”: 

Don’t you “DARE” judge me!:  

Online shopping goes out of control: 

Ah! Truth be spoken!: 

The curious case of thirst in the night: 

Awkward dependencies: 

Finally, the wonderful heart wants what it wants! J: 

Isn’t he super freaking fabulous. Check him out on his website: http://theawkwardyeti.com/.

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