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Bargaining tips and tricks for every shopaholic


Shopping ante andhariki ishtame. Bargain cheyadam inka ekkuva ishtam kadha? Bargaining appudu oka thumb rule vaadaali, adhi “try try till you succeed”. Nothing is impossible, kaani chala times it gets very difficult to bargain. Maa dheggara mee kosam konni tips and tricks unnayi with which you will get the product you desire for the price you want.

1.Be discreetbargainingDiscount adagethappudu vere ollu unnara ledha ani chusukovandi. Vere vaalla mundhu aduguthe, the shopkeeper wont give discount endhukante meeku price thaggisthe he will have to reduce it for others.

2.Start a conversationSeller toh maatlaadandi. It doesn’t have to be about the item you are buying. Meeru polite ga unte discount dhorke ekkuva chances untaayi. Random topics gurinchi maatladthe seller meeku friendly inka down to earth person la analyze chesi price thaggichavacchu.

3.Do your homeworkShopping elle mundhu meeru kone product di market price kanukovandi. A person who is confident about the pricing eill most likely get a discount endhukante seller meetho price hike chesi thaggichhaledu. He will reduce the original price.

4.Pay in cashCard payments meedha sellers charges kattali. Andhuke card payments meedha usually price thaggincharu. Always use cash, meeku discount kaavali ante. Inka cash use chesthe, seller price ekkuvaga quote chesinappudu “Naa dheggara inthe unnayi” ani cheppachu.

5.Bargain at the end of season or yearEnd of the season inka year-end time lo shops lo stock clear chesthaaru. Ee time lo sellers discounts ivvadam toh okay untaaru. If you love discounts, then ivve best times to go shopping!

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