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Babar To Virat: List Of Top 10 Batsmen With Most Runs In 2022


Babar To Virat: List Of Top 10 Batsmen With Most Runs In 2022

2022 has been very kind & good to Pakistan Cricketers especially Babar Azam & Rizwan. Both Pakistani batsmen Babar & Rizwan lead the List Of Top 10 Batsmen With Most Runs In 2022. They have been consistent throughout the year and dominated other World class batsmen like Smith, Kohli.

Coming to young players Shreyas Iyer, Surya Kumar Yadav, Nissanka also made it to the list of batsmen with Most Runs In 2022. Bairstow is one batsmen from England in the list. Players like Steve Smith & Virat Kohli got their form and started making runs this year which made their entry into the list of most runs in 2022.

As we are nearing the end of 2022, have a look at list of Top 10 batsmen with most runs in 2022

1. Babar Azam (Pak) – 2369 Runs

Innings: 49
Average: 52.64
50s & 100s: 16/7
High Score: 196
Strike Rate: 77.28

Babar Azam the Pakistan captain is leading the list with 2215* runs this season. Babar is currently maintaining the form of his life and making runs against England in the present ongoing series in Pakistan.

2. Litton Das (Ban) 1823 Runs

Innings: 48
Avg: 39.63
50s & 100’s: 12/3
High Score: 141
Strike Rate: 79.25

Bangladesh batsmen Litton Das is going through a dream form and phase in his life. He is only one in the last few years to make it to the list of leading run scorers in one calendar year.

3. M Rizwan (Pak) 1591 Runs

Innings: 46
Avg: 41.40
50s & 100’s: 12/1
High Score: 104*
Strike Rate: 92.12

Pakistan opener and Wicket Keeper, M Rizwan is 3rd in the list with 1500+ runs in 43 innings. Rizwan is the top scorer after captain Babar who played a major role in winning matches for Pakistan.

4. Shreyas Iyer (Ind) – 1493 Runs

Innings: 38
Average: 46.65
50s & 100s: 12/1
High Score: 113*
Strike Rate: 101.29

S Iyer, the young middle order batsmen from India made it to the list with 1493 Runs in all 3 formats.

5. Steve Smith (Aus) – 1475 Runs

Innings: 38
Average: 49.16
50s & 100s: 8/3
High Score: 220*
Strike Rate: 62.38

Steve Smith, this top class is back to his form this year who made 1475 Runs in all 3 formats.

6. Surya Kumar Yadav (Ind) – 1424 Runs

Innings: 43
Average: 40.68
50s & 100s: 10/2
High Score: 117
Strike Rate: 157.87

Daring and dashing batsmen Surya Kumar Yadav is at 6th place in most runs of the year list. SKY made 1424 runs and most of them were in the T20 cricket world cup.

Suryakumar Yadav, of India, hits 4 during the third T20I match between West Indies and India at Warner Park in Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis, on August 2, 2022. (Photo by Randy Brooks / AFP) (Photo by RANDY BROOKS/AFP via Getty Images)

7. Sikandar Raza (Zim) 1380 Runs

Innings: 38
Average: 40.58
50s & 100s: 7/3
High Score: 135*
Strike Rate: 112.46

Zimbabwe player Sikandar Raza is at 7t position in the list with 1380 runs in all 3 formats.

8. Jonny Bairstow (Eng) 1344 Runs

Innings: 27
Average: 57.00
50s & 100s: 3/6
High Score: 162
Strike Rate: 80.63

The only England player in the list who is at 8th place with 1344 runs across all 3 formats.

9. Virat Kohli – 1323 Runs

Innings: 40
Average: 40.09
50s & 100s: 11/2
High Score: 122
Strike Rate: 80.63

Virat Kohli, the world class batsmen is finally back to form this year. Kohli is now at 9th place in the list with 1323 runs.

10. P Nissanka (SL) 1314 Runs

Innings: 40
Average: 35.51
50s & 100s: 11/1
High Score: 137
Strike Rate: 91.31

Srilankan young batsmen Nissanka is at 10th place in the list with 1314 runs in all 3 formats.

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