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Which Actor Will Win The Best Actor Golden Statuette? An Oscars Special


By Apeksha Tickoo

The day every movie buff looks forward to for 364 days a year is just around the corner!
The Academy Awards-2016!
With less than a week to OSCARS, it is high time now to brace ourselves with all the titbits about the  grand event, update our Oscar Quotient and start the countdown. Like every year, best artwork and artists  have been nominated for various categories including Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Actress, and so on.
So without wasting any-more time, let’s jump on to one of the most crucial category, that is, Best Actor in a leading role.

The 5 Actors nominated for this category are..,

Cranston has been nominated for the first time at Oscars for his movie, Trumbo. He is a Golden Globe Award winner in the category of Best Actor for his television series drama, Breaking Bad.
Trumbo is based on the biography of  Dalton Trumbo, a Hollywood screenwriter were Bryan plays the lead role and completely slays it.

Here is a link for the very intriguing trailer.

MATT DAMON for The Martian :
The actor of tenth highest grossing film of 2015 (The Martian) with his exceptional acting skills made it to the nomination list this year. He has already won the Golden Globe award for the same and has bagged an Oscar in the year 1997 for best screenplay for the movie Good Will Hunting.
In The Martian, Damon plays the role of an astronaut who is mistakenly presumed dead and left behind on Mars. In the movie, Damon  does absolute justice to his character which explains why he is competing for the award.

Martian has one of the most captivating trailers ever. Want to see? Here is the link.

Michael started his film career with 300 in the year 2006 and played the role of a Spartan warrior and yet in the year 2015 managed to leave everyone in awe with his performance in Steve Jobs. Michael was nominated for the Best supporting actor in 12 years A Slave (2013 Academy Awards) but failed to make it to the final. Will he be able to steal the golden lady this year?

Can’t say much now, but can surely catch a glimpse of Michael starrer Steve Jobs!

EDDIE REDMAYNE for The Danish Girl :
Last year, Eddie swept all the awards with his brilliant performance in The Theory Of Everything with his impeccable acting in portraying the character of Stephen Hawking. This year he has been nominated for his film, The Danish Girl where he plays the role of Lili Elbe, one of the first recipients of gender reassignment surgery. Everyone commended Eddie for his performance though the movie was criticised by some saying that it is not an accurate portrayal of past.

Here is the link to the  trailer of  brilliant piece of art by Eddie.

Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant : 
A man with 44 awards but not a single golden lady, that depicts the story of Caprio. He was nominated several times in Oscars for best actor in a leading role but luck didn’t favor him well.
This time he is in for his movie The Revenant (soon to be released in India) where he plays an  explorer Hugh Glass who is brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team. Keeping in mind what he had to go through during the shoot, he deserves every bit of the golden lady. Leonardo had to shoot in minus forty degree temperature, ate raw liver though he Is a vegetarian, put up 47 prosthetic pieces to look like his character and the most important part is yet to come- had to convey his message and emotions without using any dialogues since he was alone in the wilderness.

Here is the trailer of The Revenant

So will your favourite actor take the award home or not will be revealed in a few days. Till then pray for them and keep an eye on this space for more updates!


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