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10 Home Foods For A Happy, Healthy Heart!


It is important that we take special measures to ensure we eat the right foods to keep our body in shape. So, if we have to have a healthy body, annitikante important is to have a healthy heart. So daani kosam ee foods include cheyyandi

1. Handful of almonds and walnuts are really helpful.
2. Berries tinandi. They contain a lot of phyto nutrients and soluble fiber which make your heart stay at peace.
3. Flax seeds contain Omega 3 fatty acids and a lot of fiber that is essential for a healthy heart.
4. Rajma is high in B vitamins, minerals and fiber again.
5. Spinach is really important for us to sustain and lively with a friendly heart.
6. Oranges and papaya are rich in beta-carotene, potassium and magnesium
7. Dark chocolate is very good for a healthy heart but daani darkness content should be minimum of 75%
8. Coffee is high in antioxidants and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.
9. A cup or two of green tea everyday lowers low BP and keeps your heart in control.
10. A handful of kismis or raisins help reduce your blood pressure too.

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