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11 Best & Top Movies Of Stylish Star, Allu Arjun


Allu Arjun, who has an incredible enthusiasm for acting and fantasy about creation it enormous in the industry, knew how and where to begin. Many people need to turn into a film star sometime in the future. However, no one but few can make it to the top, and Allu Arjun is one among them. What isolates him from the rest is his ideal blend of acting, dance, style, assurance, challenging work, and karma. It’s a long and hard street. However, he achieved it quickly. Today this actor is one of the industry’s bankable stars known for his acting and dancing talent, and his film industry hits. Today, we are going to look at some of his best movies:

Best Movies of Allu Arjun

  • Arya

Geethanjali, who is now the girlfriend of unruly Ajay, is sought after by the free vivacious and Arya. Arya determinedly attempts to charm Geethanjali causing issues among him and Ajay. Arya is an ecstatic, college-going youth with a disposition. He becomes hopelessly enamoured with Geeta from the first sight. He proposes to her before her beau Ajay. She obtusely won’t. The subject of the film is Arya’s way of thinking throughout everyday life – one-way love. While he continues lauding and spreading the ethics of his way of thinking, he likewise teases Ajay at each accessible open door regarding why he should charge undermined by Arya’s uneven endeavours to charm the uninterested Geeta. What follows is a comic, exciting ride. The remainder of the film is about how Arya wins Geeta with his uplifting standpoint.


  • Bunny

Bunny (Allu Arjun) is a vagrant who functions as a Pizza conveyance kid. Madhumati (Genelia) is the girl of a position-based government official and studies MBBS. Bunny and Madhumati meet each other in an odd circumstance and are compelled to get hitched in an unexpected event. The remainder of the story is about how this couple who never had any aim of affection discover perfect partners in one another.
Allu Arjun has given his profession the best execution over this film’s most recent 2 minutes. Allu Arjun’s portrayal in this film is of a commonplace cheerful person. That is a customized function for him, and he did it with extraordinary spirit. Moves have consistently been a significant resource for Allu Arjun, and his steps in ‘Vassa’ tune cause masses to go insane. There is beauty in Arjun and his acting.


  • Desamuduru

Bala Govind fills in as a crime reporter on MAA TV. He gets into a battle with the men on nearby hooligan Tambi Durai. He goes to Kulu Manali to cover a movement program as Tambi Durai’s kin look for him in Hyderabad. There he meets Vaishali and becomes hopelessly enamoured with her. The remainder of the story is about how he wins over Vaishali and ensures that Tambi Durai goes behind bars.


  • Parugu

Neelakanta (Prakash Raj) is an influential man in Ramachandrapuram who doesn’t have confidence in love and relationships. He has two girls. His elder daughter Subbalakshmi (Poonam Bajwa), elopes with Erra Babu from a lower class the evening of her arranged wedding. Neelakanta’s men abduct all the friends of Babu. Krishna (Allu Arjun) – a cheerful person from Hyderabad, Sreenu (Chitram Seenu) from Nellore. Krishna likes a young lady called Meena (Sheela), who happens to be the younger daughter of Neelakanta. The remainder of the story is about whether Krishna absconds with Meena or persuades Neelakanta to wed her.


  • Arya 2

Arya 2 is a spin-off of the blockbuster film Arya. It is a rom-com entertainer. In which, Allu Arjun is playing the part of a software engineer in this film. Kajal Agarwal is the heroine in this film. Navadeep and Shraddha Das are playing the second leads in this film. Allu Arjun is assuming as a comic job and completely befuddled character. Every time he will be confounding himself. The story revolves around three characters Arya (Allu Arjun), Ajay (Navdeep), and Geetha (Kajal Aggarwal). Arya is a vagrant, and Ajay is his companion in an orphanage. A wealthy couple visited that orphanage and needed to adopt one of these two folks. Arya and Ajay utilize a toss to choose their fortunes. Arya wins, yet lets Ajay go as he believes that companionship is tied in with giving. Ajay grows up as a rich man, and Arya grows up as a helpless person. Ajay begins a product organization, and Arya goes along with him as a representative. Geeta is the new worker of the organization. Both Ajay and Arya become hopelessly are in love with her. The remainder of the story is about how these two folks attempt to make Geeta fall for them.


  • Julayi

Ravi (Allu Arjun) is an astute youngster who doesn’t have confidence in the idea of buckling down for extended haul benefits. He needs quick bucks since he is amazingly brainy and faces any challenge to accomplish it. Bittu (Sonu Sood) is a hoodlum who ransacks 1500 crores from a bank. The ways of Ravi and Bittu meet during a night. The remaining story is about the duel between these two folks and how Ravi understands sincere and long-haul development.


  • Iddarammayilatho

Sanju (Allu Arjun) is a guitarist who works in a band in Barcelona. Komali (Amala Paul) goes to Barcelona to get familiar with the violin in a college. Akanksha (Catherina Tresa) is the little girl of a central minister. She comes to Barcelona for examines. Akanksha gets hold of a journal in which she peruses the romantic tale among Sanju and Komali. Simultaneously, she gets inspired by Sanju and begins to fall in love with him as he is by all accounts single. The remainder of the story is about what happened to Komali.


  • Race Gurram

Ram (Shaam) and Lakshman as known as Lucky (Allu Arjun), are siblings. Ram is a genuine person who grows up to turn into a fair cop. Lucky is a joyful person who appreciates life. Ram and Lucky have a tom and jerry sort of battle going on. Siva Reddy (Ravi Kishan) is a factionist who needs to turn into a government official. Ram accumulates proof against Siva Reddy, and Lucky unexpectedly captures them. The remainder of the story is about the race among Lucky and Siva Reddy. Allu Arjun thinks of a remarkable execution as a suggestive youth, naughty boyfriend, and a family man. He has changed his dialogue delivery and it’s great. His quirks and how he says ‘daevudaa’ is adorable. His dance moves are sublime, and his performance in action scenes is phenomenal. He coordinated the satire timing of Brahmanandam in comedy scenes. This film has given him an astounding degree to provide an all-round execution.


  • S/o Satyamurthy

Allu Arjun (Viraj Anand) is the child of the wealthiest business tycoon Satyamurthy (Prakash Raj). One fine day, Satyamurthy dies in a vehicle accident, and Viraj is considered answerable for all his dad’s obligations. Things accept an appalling stop people in their tracks back to India with his whole family. On his come back to India, Viraj joins an occasion the executive’s organization as a wedding organizer. There, he is allocated the activity of dealing with a prominent wedding. Throughout the wedding, he goes gaga for Sameera (Samantha). Turn in the story emerges when Sameera’s dad (Rajendra Prasad) opens an up challenge to Viraj to wed his girl. The rest of the story is about how Viraj figures out how to achieve his test and where Nithya Menen, Upendra, Sneha, and Adah Sharma fit into this.


  • Sarrainodu

Gana (Allu Arjun) is an ex-military official who returns home to benefit the general public. One fine day, he helps a whole town and spares Maha Lakshmi (Rakul Preet) without realizing that she is under danger from the incredible Dhanush (AadiPinisetty).
An annoyed Vairam Dhanush sets for Gana, who is occupied with his own life and will get hitched to Hansita Reddy (Catherine Tresa). The rest of the story is regarding how Gana faces Vairam Dhanush and spares his whole family. Bunny and his shocking screen presence that captures everyone’s attention. One can undoubtedly say what a fine entertainer Bunny is ending up being off late. He sheds his sweetheart kid picture and changes himself into an angry youngster with Sarrainodu. Be it his dialogue delivery and dance moves, Bunny’s hard work shows on screen.


  • Ala Vaikunthapuramlo

Valmiki and Anand Sriram join a similar organization on an equal date. Valmiki stays in an administrative position, and Anand Sriram proceeds to turn into the CEO after the wedding, the little girl of the organization’s proprietor. Spouses of these two individuals bring forth child young men simultaneously in a similar clinic. Valmiki gets an opportunity to trade the infants. He does it to ensure that his child proceeds to turn into a rich child. Bantu is raised in a middle-class family with an ignoring father. The rest of the story is about how Bantu comes to know about the mystery and responds to it.Allu Arjun is in his components and demonstrates that a star like him can’t be stuck back for long. Bunny’s all-round performance is the most remarkable feature of the film. His moves, comic planning, and execution will be a treat for everybody. Bunny has developed as an actor as the entirety of his scenes with Murali Sharma has been structured very well.


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