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Bollywood stars with creepy similarities to Hollywood stars


Bollywood is known to remake popular Hollywood films in their own way. Some of our Indian cinema star’s professional as well as personal lives have a counterpart in Hollywood. If its a conscious effort or just mere coincidence is as good your guess as ours. Lets take a look at such pairs:

1. SRK & Tom Cruise:4142077372Photo Credits: www.emirates247.com

Shah Rukh Khan and Tom Cruise are both the most popular actors in Bollywood and Hollywood respectively. The dimples are not the only thing in common between the two. The female fan following, the choice of films and their sense of humor are things that make them similar.

2. Sanjay Dutt & Bruce Willis: 

Sanjay Dutt is fondly called ‘Baba’ and he has made his mark with movies like Vaastav and Kaante. Bruce Willis’s career too has shaped up on the same lines as Baba’s. There are many other similarities on the personal front like a family member suffering from cancer, and two marriages. They are both badass action heroes in their 50s.

3. EMRAAN HASHMI AND COLIN FARREL:Photo Credits: businessofcinema.com

These two can be mistaken for each other due to their strikingly similar looks. Both of them have had humble beginnings with drama centric movies like Foothpath and The War Zone. They have both then made their mark in the movie industry with a lot of grit and bold, risque roles.


Madhuri Dixit is the most beautiful actress in Bollywood. So is Julia Robert in Hollywood. Both of them share the same birth year 1967. Madhuri and Julia have had the most fulfilling decade of their careers starting 1990. With movies like Dil and Pretty Woman, both of them ruled the screens in the 90’s. Critical acclaim and audience’s love is something that neither of them had less of. Also, that smile!

5. AMITABH BACHCHAN AND AL PACINO:Photo Credits: www.biggbossfan.com

Two towering legends who began as angry young men, but moved on to a nuanced, renowned body of work. They both have careers spanning over four decades and have been addressed as the best actors Bollywood and Hollywood has ever seen. The two have also received National awards for their works.


These eternal beauties have so much in common that we are pleasantly surprised. Drop dead gorgeous looks aside, both these actresses are fiercely independent women who have lived life on their own terms. Sushmita and Angelina were both born in 1975 and have adopted kids. Sushmita has two adopted daughters and is a single mother whereas Angelina has adopted three children whom she raises with husband Brad Pitt.

7. HRITHIK AND BRADLEY COOPER:Photo Credits: en-maktoob.entertainment.yahoo.com

Where do we even begin with these two utterly delicious actors? Their intoxicating eyes and perfectly chiseled body apart, both these men have the charm needed to woo their audiences and bring them to the movies. The two actors have similar taste when it comes to movies as well. We hope there is a script where they can play twin brothers. That would be a treat to the eyes and the soul alike!


Did we miss out on any actors? Let us know in the Comments section below! 🙂

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