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10 Candies From The 90s We Are Missing Badly Now


10 Candies From The 90s We Are Missing Badly Now

If you are a 90s kid, you would be surely missing all those wonderful childhood days. Time has gone too fast, for the 90s kids. It seems like yesterday, but it’s far far away. And the most from the 90s we miss are the candies. Do you remember candies from the 90s? We don’t see those candies in the market anymore, sometimes I wish I can taste them again for one last time. I am listing some of the most delicious candies from the 90s we all miss now.

1. Mango Bite

Mango Bite belongs to the low-budget biggest blockbuster category.

2. Rola Cola

Tastes like coca cola. Felt like the stepbrother of the drink Coca-Cola.

3. Boomer

This generation gave a different meaning to Boomer. Once upon a time, this is what Boomer meant.

4. Mentos Marbles

Wow… Mentos, I feel like tasting them again. Can anyone bring back these?

5. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

Haha… Officially this is the first cigarette of most of the 90s kids, felt like Rajinikanth back in those days, with this sweet cigarette in the mouth.

6. Maha Lacto

9 out of 10 kids used to bring Maha Lacto chocolates on their birthdays.

7. Alpenliebe

Alpenliebe tasted like heaven.

8. Milk Treat

Used to buy this and share it with a friend.

9. Big Babol

With Big Babol comes wrestling cards. A combo like never before ever after.

10. Coffee Bite

Loved to eat this in childhood.

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