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5 Amazing Variations That Prove Dhanush Is An Actor Par Excellence


We dissect five of the best get-ups that actor Dhanush has portrayed over the years. The actor has a massive fan following in the South as well as fans up North due to his role in the acclaimed movie, Raanjhanaa. Over the years, he has evolved not only as an actor, but also excelled as a singer, producer and songwriter. This in addition to the different get-ups that he has donned over the years have made him a fan favourite. We take a look at the best five looks that Dhanush has displayed and enthralled audiences with over the years:

1. Kaadhal Konden:

Kaadhal Konden

The film, which was one of Dhanush’s first ever hits, sees him play the role of a college student. In the movie, Dhanush plays the role of an introvert yearning for female attention that has been lacking throughout his life. In the movie, Dhanush’s get up consists of a clean shaven look, short, neatly tucked shirts and spectacles to give him the complete nerd look. The movie did well and his role was appreciated by all.

2. Thiruda Thirudi:

Fresh from the success of KK, Dhanush changed his look completely for the film, Thiruda Thirudi which featured the mega-hit song, “Manmadha Rasa.” The movie too, did really well for Dhanush. Despite playing an irresponsible youth, Dhanush’s “devil may care” attitude and swagger went really well for the role and won him a lot of fans. The movie was a commercial hit and catapulted Dhanush into the big time.

3. Pudhupettai:

Probably one of the finest roles ever played in Tamil cinema, Pudhupettai saw Dhanush rise as a local boy from the slums to one of the powerful underworld bosses. His get up saw him transform from a timid, shy Tamil boy to strong, self-confident and edgy don in the second half. The movie confirmed Dhanush’s status as a power performer and is regarded as a cult hit all over Tamil Nadu.

4. Aadukalam:

The role that won Dhanush a National Award, Aadukalam sees him play the role of a local “cockfighter” pitting birds against each other in violent fights. He goes against his mentor in the movie and the differences and situational drama form the base around which the movie is made. For the movie, Dhanush grew a full beard that complemented his local attire of loose shirts and lungis extremely well. Obviously it went well for him as he won the National Award and the movie was a super hit.

5. Maari:

Maari was a movie that flattered to deceive despite the big hype that surrounded it. The trailer of the movie was extremely well-received from all quarters and the most striking feature was Dhanush’s look in the movie. Long sideburns a la Elvis Presley coupled with a thick, twirling moustache and goatee saw thousands of Tamil youth mirror his look all over the state. The movie did decently well, but Dhanush once again proved how good he was at seamlessly transitioning between roles.

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