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Different Types of Cab Drivers We Encounter In Our Daily Lives


Manam daily cab use chesetapudu aitey, chala different kinds of people ni chustu untam. Okallu polite aitey inkokallu arrogant, so today we are going to share about different types of cab drivers.

1.The one who gives some creepy looks from the mirrorcab drivers2.The devotional oneCab ekinapatinundi dige tapativaraku, only devotional songs and we feel like in a temple.
3.The one who never have a change. Vellaki 100 ichina change undadu, 500 ichina change undadu.
4.The one who always trust google maps and never listen to us. Manaku route telusu ani cheppina vinaru, a google maps lo chupinchina route chusi tippi tippi pippi chestaru.

5.The one with loud musicVella car loki ekkitey edo theater lo unanta sounds petti champestaru. That too sometimes old retro songs. Huff!!
6.The one who always on callCab ekkinapatinundi dige daka phone lo matladutune untaru.
7.The one who always asks us millions of questions.Vellu ento interview lo adiginattu epudu edo oka question adugutaru.
8.The one who shouts at pedestrians or other vehicle drivers. Vellu asalu mamuluga aravaru pakka drivers or other people meda.

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