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Emotion, Smaran Reddy P, Anjan Ramachendra, Meghana Lokesh,

What would you do, when you have all the options closed from living with your loved one? Die or fight for it? Exploring this idea, is the short film “EMOTION”, directed by Smaran Reddy. It’s about a couple thinking to take the extreme step and their struggle in re-living their moments again.

The highlight of the film is the narrative of the story with just two characters. Beginning with a complete different projection to taking the characters to a depth, both the actors, Anjan Ramachandra and Meghana Lokesh have nailed their performances. With an empty hill fortress as a backdrop, the visualization of the movie is top notch and the haunting background score amply supporting the narration especially taking it to the next level in the climax. Overall this film deals with a sensitive topic intricately written over a beautiful love story.

EMOTION is produced by Steve Arya and Vinod Alamuru and presented by Runway Reels.

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