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Everything You Need To Know About Blogging



Here is something about blogs. It’s time to shed all of your well-established insecurities and express yourself. Why do you want to write a blog? How do you write a blog? Keep reading because this might be what you need to read.

Blogs were born by the late nineties but became alive in the late 2000s. Anyone who has access to the internet can write a blog. Blogs are not just for politicians or celebrities. Blogs are for anyone who wants to express themselves. You do not need to publicize your blog; it can be a very personal journal too. Why write a blog instead of a diary? Because you can connect with millions of others who share a similar thought process. You can boost a business idea, communicate an institutional thought, develop a world-class recipe and what not? Think about it. Break all the conventional rules of prose and verse and pen yourself down.

You don’t have to be a writer or an inspiring writer to have your blog. It can be a video blog, a business blog, a photography blog. Just navigate your passion and interests and carve your way through it. There are no limits to express yourself. You can choose your medium of expression and excel in it. You can create your portfolio. Professionally, your blogs can be an essential part of your resume. A word of caution, your potential employer or business partner may read your blog to know your opinions, interests and skills. Blogs can also be formed free of cost in websites like WordPress. You will find it worth the update.

Also, for everyone out there looking for space for yourself to relieve your stress from a strenuous job, a blog is the perfect way to be who you are and develop yourself. You can personalize your terms to suit the mood of your work and your passion.

Blogs are your space to express, connect and explore your skills and potential. This is absolutely what you need because all of us need to express ourselves. A little marketing never goes amiss, though.

Blogs are a place where you can be a ‘Prosumer’ to a wider extent than social media as blogs present detailed and more creative pieces. You can always find out a linked blog or website for your favorite social media pages where they express and deliver more content. You do need to understand the tricks and trade of content writing before you get into blogging in case you are looking for a marketable popular blog for an audience.

Make sure that you share and ask your friends to reshare the post more than once in social media. Resharing gets attention faster. Always highlight your newest post in the blog. Having an easy navigation tab will help the readers get into your materials without difficulty. One of the major challenges that people have with blogs is that the layout is essentially made for the big screens.

There is a high chance that people will stumble through your blog while using social media pages. They need to be mobile friendly. Navigation and layout is what makes the first impression on the reader. Make sure it clicks. Before uploading any post, make sure it’s not cluttered nor tiny. This is especially the case with photo and content blogs. You need to pay special attention that the quality of your content is not affected by the medium of viewership.

Headlines are important. Lead and headlines get the user’s attention. It can make or break your content. If a user gets attracted to one article, they will browse down titles of other articles you have which will increase the upward turn of viewership.

There are various ways you can build engagement by enabling easy sharing buttons to your social media pages and for others to share. Add an encouraging call for action or comments or opinions from people. If you can mention brands to your posts which all brands will mostly appreciate and might even get a repost.

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