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5 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Father’s Day!


By Aliza Virani

In the recent past, we Indians have gone above celebrating only our Diwalis, Ramzans, Christmas’ and Navrozs. We have taken to celebrating some of the Westernized festivals and, Oh, How!!

Some of our Hot Favorites from among our Westernized Days include Valentine’s Day (Sorry Right Wing, don’t imprison me), Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Daughter’s Day and also Son’s Day (Yes, this exists)!

In this edition, Wirally brings to you 5 facts we bet you didn’t know about Father’s Day:

The idea of Father’s Day grew in mirror to Mother’s Day: Way to go Mommas! Motherhood was celebrated in 1908 by Anna Jarvis. Grace Clayton, impressed by Jarvis’s work decided to celebrate fatherhood impressed by Jarvis’ work.

The Love of a Raising Father: Grace Gordon Clayton, was first struck with the idea to celebrate Father’s Day to commemorate the death of her Raising Father who raised her after the death of her Birth Mother.

The Monogah Mining Disaster: The first large scale celebration of Father’s Day was celebrated following the Monogah Mining Disaster. The Disaster killed 361 men, 250 of whom were Father’s. Clayton suggested her pastor Robert Thomas Webb to honor all these fathers.

The Father’s Day Law: In 1966, President Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation for honoring Fathers. Six years later, in 1972 President Nixon signed it into a law. This day, i.e. the third Sunday in June was therefore declared a National Holiday.

The Hindu and Islamic Calendar: While the entire World (almost) celebrate it according to the Gregorian Calendar; Nepal celebrates Father’s Day during the Bhadrapada Amavasya of the Hindu Calendar and Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Mauritania celebrate Father’s Day on the 13th of Rajab of the Islamic Calendar.

Father’s Day has fought its share of Battle to make its existence known. Just like your father has fought each battle to make your name known to the World. Love Him and wish him a “Happy Father’s Day”

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