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Few Unknown Records Of Nagarjuna & Tabu’s Evergreen Classic Love Story ‘Ninne Pelladata’

ninne pelladatha

Nag movies lo Shiva ki entha importance undho anthe importance Ninne Pelladata ki undhi. Ee movie ni ippatiki tv lo enni sarlu telecast chesina miss avvakunda andaram chustam. Konni cinemalu eppatiki bore kottavu alanti movies lo Ninne Pelladata okati inka Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu song gurinchi special ga cheppedi emundi enni generations maarina aa song ni matram hum chestune untam. Alanti one of the most beautiful movie aina ‘Ninne Pelladata’
gurinchi konni interesting facts mee kosam…

1) Krishna Vamsi’s first idea was to make the movie ‘Samudram’ with Nagarjuna.

I got a feedback from numerous teenage people that the second half of Gulabi is very violent. Some other people complimented that Gulabi is like a Ramuji’s Film. I got disappointed, as I did not want myself to be compared with Ramuji. I wanted to be different and to make a mark of Krishna Vamsi. Then I decided to shelve the subject of violence and do a film that is sans violence (contrast to Gulabi) and it should have total entertainment and that subject must not be touched by Ram Gopal Varma. I wanted to do the casting with unestablished and failed actors/technicians and wanted to show the world that I can do it!! At that time I have seen Hum Aapke Hain Koun (HAHK) and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ). Then I decided that I should go that way. Then I called Nag up from Vizag and told him that the original story line was shelved and I had a different subject in my mind. I came back to Hyderabad and went to Ramudochadu shooting and narrated the story line of Ninne Pelladata for three minutes.

~ Krishna Vamsi

2) Within 15 days, Krishna Vamsi wrote the entire script of Ninne Pelladata.

3) Krishna Vamsi inspected about 65 gals from Bombay and Madras for the character of ‘Mahalakshmi’ before finalising Tabu for the role.

4) Sandeep Chowta’s first film as a music director

5) YVS Chowdary worked as co-director for the film.

6) The film was remade in Kannada as Preethsod Thappa, with V. Ravichandran and it was dubbed into Tamil as ‘Unnaiye Kalyanam Pannikiren’ and in Hindi as ‘Jab Dil Kisi Pe Aata Hai.’

7) The film was recorded as an Industry Hit at the box office with 12.5 crores share.

8) The film had a successful 100-day run in 39 centres.

9) First direct silver jubilee hit of ‘Yuva Samrat’ Akkineni Nagarjuna. The film had a 175-day run in 4 centres.

10) At that time, Ninne Pelladata was the first Telugu film to run for 175 days at Devi 70mm and Raj 70mm. Where the earlier highest run was by Chiranjeevi’s Gharana Mogudu.

11) Amitabh’s Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978) created a record by running for 100 days in three theatres (daily three shows) in the twin cities. That record remained for 18 years until ‘Ninne Pelladatha’ broke it in 1997 as it celebrated a 100-day run in three theatres in the twin cities-Devi 70mm, Nataraj 70mm and Konark 70mm, but with daily 4 shows.

12) Ninne Pelladata also set a record in the Nizam region by completing a 100-day run at 7 theatres.

13) Ninne Pelladatha surpassed all previous records by collecting a gross of Rs. 59,42,224 at Raj 70mm in its total run-188 days.

14) Ninne Pelladata is also the first film to collect a gross of over Rs. one crore in the twin cities. In its total run at Devi 70mm, it grossed a whopping Rs. 1,03,72,483.

15) The film created a record in Guntur town by collecting a 100-day gross of Rs. 27,27,661.50 and a 100-day share of Rs. 17,39,739. The previous record was held by Mohanbabu’s Pedarayudu, which collected a 100-day gross of Rs. 27,04,335.50 and a 100-day share of Rs. 16,95,000.

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