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10 Good Friends of Power Star Pawan Kalyan


Pawan Kalyan !!! It’s not a name, it’s a brand!

Though it is a Mahesh babu dialogue, it is apt for power star. No offense. Anything about PK is interesting. For the persona he is, even the people within the industry are always on a look to hook up with him. In general, every one of us wants to know things about and around celebrities. But, when it comes to Pawan Kalyan, the dose is a bit higher. 🙂

We do not see him mingle much with other celebs, but we know if somebody is his friend then he is definitely a talk of the town. Here are those guys.

1. AliAli said “Pawan Kalyan is one of the best people I’ve ever known”

2. TrivikramTrivikram says “Kalyan garu naaku isthamaina mithrudu avutharu anukunna kaani ibbandhi pette mithrudu avuthaaru ani anukoledhu” when fans shouted to talk about PK.

3. Raju Ravi TejaRaju Ravi Teja is a good friend of Pawan Kalyan and many of us know him after the launch of Jana Sena party.

4. PVPP.K. said “He is my producer and he is my good friend.”

5. Anand SaiAnand Sai says “Without Power Star There is no art director called Anand Sai in tollywood”

6. VenkateshP.K. says “Venkatesh and I are like brothers. I used to visit their house when I was young”

7. Sarath MararSarath Marar says “All I can say is He is my Krishna”

8. Renu DesaiRenu Desai says “I have loved only one person in life “

9. Mahesh BabuMahesh babu gave voice over for Power star’s Jalsa. Not many people know that they are good friends.

10. Narra SrinivasHe is his Personal Assistant and a good friend too.

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