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Here’s The Actual Meaning Of The Popular 8 Hand Emojis

Here's The Actual Meaning Of The Popular 8 Hand Emojis

Ee madhya janalu Whatsapp lo, Facebook lo, Twitter lo kottha ga hand emojis tho pedtunnaru. Aithe chala common oka hand pinch emoji and index finger and thumb cross lo unna emoji chala frequent ga chusthu occhina naku assala ee emojis enduku use chestharu ane doubt occhi Google chesthe google thalli konni interesting vishayalu cheppindi regarding Hand Emojis.

Enduku late let’s scroll and know The Actual Meaning Of 8 Hands Emojis That Became Popular & Using Extensively On Social Media Nowadays

1. ✌️ – Peace Sign – Peace Be With You

General ga aithe idi victory symbol kani …idi ee madhya peace, cool, just chilling, chilling out ane things ni convey cheyadaniki use chestunnaru.

2. 🖖 – Vulcan Salute – Live long and prosper

General ga ee sign ni salute or to greet people ki use chestharu. But actual meaning aithe ‘Live long and prosper’ ani cheppadaniki use chese hand emoji idi.

3. 🙌 – Raising Hands – To Celebrate Or Celebrating

Ika ee emoji ni..whatsapp chats lo or FB, Twitter chuse untaru. Ee emoji only meaning is celebration, to celebrate, celebrating ani cheppadaniki use chestuntaru.

4. Index Finger & Thumb Crossed Emoji – (Finger Heart) – To Express Love Or Affection

Ee madhya celebrities, common man ani theda lekunda use chestunna hand emoji idi. Early 2010’s lo Korean actors, K-Pop artists ee hand emoji ni love or affection ni express cheyadaniki use cheyadam start chestharu. Ala Korean valal daggara start ayyi world antha popular aindi anamta.

5. 🤟- I-L-U Hand Emoji – To Say I Love You

Ee hand emoji lo intha meaning undani ippude telisindi… indulo little finger stands for ‘I’…index finger and thumb stands for ‘L’ and index finger and little finger rendu ‘U’ ni represent chesthayi. So, I Love You cheppadaniki ee hand emoji anta mari.

6. 🤌 – Pinched Fingers – What do you want?

Assala what do you want? Ane meaning ki ee hand emoji em smabandam oo teliyadu kani induku aithe use chestaranta mari.

7. 🤏- Pinching Hand – gesture of pinch and want a little more

Ee mahdy ajanalu ekkuva use chestunna hand emojis lo idi okati. This hand emoji represents the gesture of a pinch, or to say want a little more.

8. Heart hands – To express ‘love and support’

Ika ee emoji kuda ee madhya bane use chestunnaru, idi mee friends, family or others ki mee full support and love eppudu untundi ani cheppadaniki use chese Emoji.

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