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Highlight Dialogues of Baahubali – The Conclusion


The amount of belief people had on this movie was more powerful more than the hype created by the movie makers. When the best story teller in the recent times, S.S.Rajamouli gave his heart and soul to the film, it is going be like none another. Thus the result. India’s biggest motion picture, the visual extravaganza, the name for which no adjective is enough to describe. BAAHUBALI – The Conclusion is here. Breaking all the barriers, this movie pulled audience from every walk of life to theaters.

So what was the major selling point of the film? Though the characterization, actors, music and all the technical aspects were top notch, it’s all about the story telling. The dialogues and screen writing were major plus points in this marvel. There were some spectacular dialogues in some very important scenes, which just gave all the audience goosebumps. Check them out.

P.S. Not giving out spoilers, but just elevating the expectations to the people who haven’t seen the film.

1. “Devasena meedha cheyyi padithe, naa kathi meedha cheyyi padinatle”1.-“Devasena-meedhaIt’s just a sample in the film about the love Amarendra Bahubali has towards his beloved wife Devasena. This line is a situation where he tries to protect her from the soldiers of his kingdom Mahishmathi and does an important sacrifice.

2. “Aadadaani manasu thelusukokunda pelli chese hakku meeku ekkadidi?”A progressive princess of a small kingdom revolting against a huge kingdom to stand by on what justice is! This dialogue establishes the stubborn yet self-respect of the character of Devasena, which is the best character of the whole film. She stands by what is true and Dharma is and is still happy struggling because of it.

3. “Thappu chesadu, vellu narikesanu”, “Thappu devasena. Aada daani meedha cheyyi vesthe narakalsindhi vellu kaadhu, Thala!”

This scene and dialogue is the craziest one in the whole film. A conversation between Amarendra and Devasena and the reaction after that just leaves the audience spellbound. This is the exact state where situations shift in the story resulting in unexpected situations.

4. “Meeru raju kaakapovadaniki kaaranam mee aviti cheyyi kaadhu prabhu, mee aviti budhi”A smoothest way to pinch the enemy. A discussion between Kattappa and Bijjaladeva on why he didn’t become the king, on which Kattappa answers as above. Also the reason which he gives leaves Bijjaladeva in shock and then also attaches a sarcasm to the answer. This one is sure to give some laughs.

5. “Sevakudiki thandri sthanam ichaaru, mee bidda ni chethulalo kaadhu, thala meedha pettukuntaanu amma”Kattappa is slave to Mahishmati Empire, but to Amarendra he is a close aid and he calls him Maama. Similarly Devasena, when she is carrying a baby asks him a present, to hold their baby first as a grandfather. Delighted by that, Kattappa gives this emotional statement. Going back to the flashback, Kattappa holds kid Mahendra Bahubali’s feet on his head. This was a sentimental and very heartful moment in the film.

6. “Raajamaatha? Pichimaatha! Bahu nannu champadaniki chusadu ani namminchi aame tho ne vaadi marana shasanam raayinchanu!”Bhallaladeva on a fiery mode, stabbing the already dead body of Bahubali says this dialogue venting out all his vengeance. He opens out to Kattappa on how he deceived Sivagami and others in exterminating Bahubali out.This scene is sure to bring all the hatred to the character and hats off to Rana pulling this negative role in such a brilliant way.

7. “Ee raktham valla manaki antina papam thuduchukovadaniki manaki ee janma saripodhu. Thappu chesav Sivagami!”A broken Kattappa after killing Bahubali, bursts out on Sivagami. She is taken aback on how her slave has shouted on her and making her realize her blunder. This is the epitome of all the moments in the film, this is a sure shot epic level scene. The depth in all the emotions of both the films have reasoning in this particular scene. Watch this out for the character’s expressions and OMG, goosebumps guaranteed.

There are many such awe inspiring moments but why should we do the honors? Please watch to experience the brilliance and to still know “Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali?”

Watch in a theatre near you. Please don’t encourage piracy.

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