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Highly Popular & Successful Startups By Talented Hyderabadis


This generation youth not only have big dreams but also have a strong urge to turn them into reality. One such reference to the above sentence is ‘Startups’. Almost a decade nundi manaki baga vinapadutuna mata startup. And aa matallo inka baga vinapadutunadi mana Hyderabad. India’s largest incubator for startups is T-HUB which is Headquartered in Hyderabad. Hyderbad lo talent ki kodava ledu. Life lo edo sadinchalani kasi tho unna youth ki Hyderabad is a big adda. Innovative thoughts and hardwork tho baga popular and successful ina konni Hyderabadi startups ni chudam.

1. Thick Shake Factory

1-Thick Shake Factoryr

Naam tho suna hi hoga! Ekado restaurant menu lo last page lo unde milkshake vala startup ki main attraction indi. It was started by two brothers Yeswanth & Aswin. Katha ela modalindi ante, for student exchange program Yeswanth Belgium velladu. Akkada the milkshake he tasted was so great that it lingered in his mind even after coming back to India. Alanti thick milkshakes India lo dorikevi kavu. So after working for 6-7months with TCS, he resigned and planned to venture into thick milkshake making and for that he dedicated many months in research.

Milkshake lo key element is ice-cream. Both the brothers tried almost every ice-cream that is available in India to make thick milkshakes. Vallaki andulo edi satisfaction ivvale. So they started making their own ice-cream. Kukatpally lo oka mall lo start ina veella journey, opening roje big hit! Aa success continued which led them open more outlets. Thick shakes ki kavalsina raw materials anni valle tayaru cheskuntaru. They have around 75 stores in India across many cities. They expanded even to USA. Their most selling drink is Belgium Chocolate Thick shake.

2. Glamego

Already chala beauty subscription boxes India lo hul chul chestuna rojjulo, market loki enter indi the low-cost beauty subscription box ‘Glamego’. Fashion industry lo manaki kanipinche glamour and ego ni kalipi India’s most affordable beauty subscription box ni create chesindi Lavanya and Prabhakar. Lavanya is an MBA graduate with 10 years of experience in marketing, while Prabhakar was vice president of AVEVA company with a MS degree in digital media. They started the company with 50 lakhs investment from their personal savings.

After procuring space in T-hub they started curating monthly beauty subscription box which contains 5 products worth Rs.2000. The cost of the box is Rs.299/- per month for 6months subscription. General ga ladies ki market loki oche kotha kotha products and top brands try cheyalani untadi. Kani avi chala costly untai. The idea of beauty subscription boxes is to offer ladies the luxury of top-notch brand products in sample size quantities. Market lo already unna boxes cost is over 500. Galmego baga hit avadaniki main reason is its cost. Beauty bloggers and youtubers dwara they did marketing which was a big hit! Now they have around 2lac subscribers.

3. GrabOn

Sale! Discount! Deals! Aaah these words are music to our ears. Who doesn’t love discounts? GrabOn captured this common psychology of Indian customers for launching their company. It was started by a bunch of passionate interns who did their regular jobs during the day and pitched in extra hours after work to start GrabOn. Major e-commerce stores lo unna on-going sales, discounts coupons, deals, offers annitini okka place ki techindi GrabOn.

Appatike ilanti companies already konni unna, baga success inavi emi levu. So, GrabOn wanted to make something more and unique than others which can lure customers towards their website. They came up with a feature called ‘Buzz Me’ which sends out real time notifications to GrabOn’s users when a new coupon is added to their website. Currently they are one of the top players in the market and has partnered with India’s top merchants.

4. Hello Curry

Hello Curry is an on-demand food company focusing on affordable Indian cuisine. Manaki baga aakali ga unapudu chala sarlu we feel like pappu annam, avakai, full meals, chicken curry, Biryani ilanti simple and home style food. Hello Curry mana Indian taste buds ki nachina basic regional dishes ni deliver chestundi anamata at affordable prices.

Dini founders are Raju Bhupathi & Sandeep Penumatsa. Though initially it was a huge hit, not so strong business model valla they had very marginal profits. This led them to downsize their business for a while. They experimented with few other ideas but failed. Later they sustained well by giving out franchises and partnering with hotels that did not have proper kitchens.

5. Caremotto

Health is Wealth! But illness is an unavoidable consequence of life. Manam Edina illness tho diagonise inapudu many times we don’t know which hospital is best for the treatment. We spends loads of time in researching about the hospitals which provide best treatment at affordable prices. Kani alanti situations lo ticking time is a bomb. So to help people in choosing the right hospital Dr. Niranjan Ravuri and Dr. Nivedita Ravuri founded Caremotto which bought qualified doctors, fixed medical charges, reputed hospitals under one umbrella so that patients can receive best care possible.

Their employees are trained in about 70-80 medical procedures, their symptoms, cost of treatment/surgery, the best specialists, and other such factors. One can either visit their website or call them to get expert second opinion and details about the hospitals that cover one’s insurance, about govt health schemes they come under etc. Caremotto is currently guiding abot 100 patients a day and plan to include high end surgeries in their in their fixed price bracket in near feature.

6. Commut

Hyderabad lo families tho untu software job chestunna vallani evarini adigina the major problem they face is commuting from home to work. Kontha mandiki itey illu oka chivara office inko chivara untundi. They spend most of their time in travel to work which is very tiring and exhausting. Chala buses change iyi vellali. Ilantii personal experience dwara puttukochina idea is commute. It is for people who has to travel far and do not have proper connectivity. Cabs lo velte pocket khali ipotundi.

Commut has a fleet of 80 plus minibuses and minivans that cover 100 plus routes in Hyderabad. Commut startup is launched by 6 IITH students. The company claims to have saved 460 tons of carbon dioxide in emissions. Their main idea is to offer people a safe, comfortable, and economical way to travel to work. They have a monthly pass system also.

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