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Hilarious GIFs That Sums Up Our Hobbies During This Boring Quarantine


Ee quarantine debbaki manalopala daagi unna talents bytaki vastunnai. Okkokkaru okko vidamga rechi pothunnaru anyway time ni utilize chesukondi amma, all the best. So mothaniki ee list lo meedi eyy number?

1) Painting

Nalo intha goppa painter unnada ani ee lockdown valle telsindi…

Meanwhile dad watching my kalakandalu:

Mom appreciating my art:

Me waiting for reply after sending drawing to my crush:

My crush be like:

2) Exercises

Time aagaya body fat ni maar daalungaa…

Early Morning – Imagination

Me at 11.30 a.m: appude morning aa crazy I say

No one: Me at 3.00 a.m

3) Writing

Kavithalu, articles, dialogues, watsapp status lo kuda writing skills thega vaadestunnam

Daddy watching my writing skills in watsapp:

After some time dad copying my watsapp status and posing as a writer:

Me be like:

4) Singing

Video calls chesukoni antaakshari aadadadam endi andi, avunu meeru vinnadi nijame asalki ee sisters unnaree…

How dad sees my sister singing:

How she actually sings:

5) Cooking

Ekkuva mandi modali pettina adventure ide manchide panikiostadii…

Me helping mom in cooking:

Dad eating my hand tho chesina food:

Dad eating sister food:

6) Taking classes to pakkinti poragaalu

Ante pillakaayalaki class Lu teesukomanani force chestunnaru…

Me who don’t even remember tables trying to teach mathematics:

When your neighborhood chinna pilla kaayi & your street crush are speaking in English & you be like:

7) Reading Books

Books unte books uu ebooks unte ebooks uu…knowledge

Dad : Em chestunnav raa

Me: Reading novels dad

Dad be like:

Mom: Rey itu raa kasta pani undi neetho

Me: Mom I am reading novels, damnn it

Dad be like:

8) Filmmaking

Future filmmakers watching world movies and noting down scenes so later on they can copy… Ade levoi inspiration uu

9) Actors

Me watching my sister doing tiktok:

After few moments Dad – Mom – Sister doing Tiktok:

Me watching them:

After a few moments:

Me joining my family tiktok club:

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