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Hyderabad’s First Ever Rainwater Harvesting Theme Based Park Is All Set To Open Soon


Water scarcity valla future lo India lo unna major metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, elanti situations face cheyalsi vastundo ani chala surveys lo chepparu. Rain and rainwater ni rain harvesting pits dwara correct ga save chesukoni use chesukovadam valla elanti ee water scarcity ki full stop pette chances unnai.

Hyderabad's First Ever Rainwater

And ee vishyam lo “Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board’ departments vallu already konni rain harvesting pits every house lo install cheyadam valle kalige uses ni public loki tiskelladam lanti programmes initiate chesaru chestunnaru.

Now Telangana Government Is Coming Up With A Unique Rainwater Harvesting Theme Based Park.

Rain water sariga conserve cheyadam valla next generations lo water scarcity lekunda ela cheyoch ane sole motive concept ni public lo awareness create cheyadaniki Telangana government ee theme park ni start chesindi. Entire park infrastructure is designed to create awareness among citizens, especially children, about the efficient ways of water conservation role of rainwater pits to next generations.

From ‘Animation Video Set Up To Musical Fountain’ Park Has 42 Other Installations.

Jubilee Hills, Road No 51 lo three acres space lo ee theme based park November 1st roju open aindi. Intahaki ee park dwara ela awareness create chestaru ane ga mee doubt?

Okay let me explain you clearly, through different amusement and innovative ideas “Animation videos, (explaining the value of water), interactive games, water saving multiplayer, quiz kiosk (on water), five-minute videos on saving water, a musical fountain, rainwater infiltration” , etc lantivi childrens tho patu pedda valla attention draw chesi rainwater conservation mida oka awareness create cheyadaniki viti tho patu inka 42 other installations kuda plan chesaru ee park lo.

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