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15 Iconic Beverages In South India That Are Must Try When You Visit These Places


15 Iconic Beverages In South India That Are Must Try When You Visit These Places

South India is known for different cultures, traditions, customs, food to everything. The 5 South Indian states are much developed in all aspects from Literacy rate, IT Jobs, Administration, Infrastructure to economically very strong.

Coming to food and culture the south indian states have unique food in every possible way. Tea, Breakfast, Main course food like Biryani and others are very different in every southern state with some unique taste, texture, aroma and all.

If we particularly talk about the beverages section, the south Indian states are known for some amazing drinks like tea, sharbats, coffees and more. In this article we talk about 15 Iconic Beverages In South India That Are Must Try When You Visit These Places

Let’s take a look and save this one:

1. Irani Chai In Telangana, Hyderabad

The most popular beverage for Telnagana and Hyderabadis is the Irani Chai. The day starts and ends with tea for Telanganites especially Hyderabadis love for Irani Chai is immeasurable.

2. Avil Milk In Kerala (Aval Milk)

One of the most popular from God’s own country Kerala. Avil or Aval Milk is made of beaten rice flakes, along with ripe bananas, milk of any kind, and nuts is a popular drink in Kerala.

3. Jigarthanda In Tamil Nadu

Jigarthanda is a much popular drink in Tamil Nadu especially in the streets of Madurai and Chennai. Jigarthanda means very cold, which is made of milk, almond gum, sarsaparilla root syrup, sugar and ice cream.

4. Filter Coffee In Karnataka

Filter Coffee, the much popular hot beverage from the coffee forms of Ooty and Mysore in Karnataka. One must try filter coffee when in Karnataka.

5. Nannari Sharbat In Kerala

The very famous drink in Kerala, the Nannari Sarbath is a tasty, aromatic juice made by boiling coarsely grind Nannari root with sugar / jaggery to form syrup and then a portion of it is mixed with cold water to a chill drink.

The instant refreshing Sharbat from Malayalis.

6. Panakam In Karnataka

Panakam is a Karnataka and SOuth India’s iconic drink that is made with jaggery, black pepper, cardamoms and water. Traditionally in South Indian temples, large pots of panakam are offered to Lord Sri Rama during Sri Rama Navami.

7. Sambharam In Kerala

Sambharam is nothing but buttermilk made by Malayalis in their style using chilli, ginger and salt.

8. Rose Milk In Andhra Pradesh, Rajahmundry

The much popular rose water flavored milk beverage from Rajahmundry of Andhra Pradesh. One must try it when in Rajahmundry and nearby places.

9. Thari Kanji In Kerala

The another iconic beverage from Malayalis, the Thari Kanji made of Milk, Semolina, Water with some sugar and pinch of salt is a must try drink.

10. Menthi Majjiga In Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh localities make some amazing buttermilk drink called Menthi Majjiga using menthulu (fenugreek) to buttermilk.

11. Kambu Koozh In Tamil Nadu

Kambu Koozh is a traditional beverage for Tamilians made with pearl millets and bajra porridge is good for health.

12. Falooda Or Rooh-Afza In Hyderabad, Telangana

The kind of Sharbats from Hyderabadis, they are must try in the summer season which gives you instant relief from scorching sun.

13. Ragi Ambali In Karnataka

Ambali or Ragi Malt is a natural and healthy drink made with ragi flour & water or milk. The piping hot beverage tastes delicious and it has a very good nutritional value.

14. Golisodas In Andhra Pradesh

Some coastal places like Godavari districts, Vizag, Kakinada are famous for some locally made Goli Sodas since very long time, don’t forget to try them when you visit.

15. Palm Wine (Kallu, Natural Alcoholic Beverage) In Telangana

Last but not least, Kallu, the freshly picked up raw drink from Palm trees, is Natural Alcoholic Beverage which is actually good for some health issues.

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