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If your smart phone behaves like Ravi Teja

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1. When your phone’s battery is low.

Charging aipoindi ra yedavannara yedava

2. When your parents take your phone,

Rey…lagettara azaamuu

3. When balance is over and you cannot make a call,

Dhoola teerindi yedava ki..

4. When you take a selfie and it doesn’t come out good

Tu..ne batku cheda

5. When you take a selfie and it comes out very good,

Sooperu.. katttiii …thurumu… keka anthe

6. If you think someone else’s phone is better than yours,

Idi Shavaniki Alankaram cheshnatt undi.. yellehe

7. If your phone gets stuck and you curse it,

Arey turrey ante tholu teesestha yedava!!

8. When you say someone that your phone is the best ,

Aibaboyyyy.. naku siggesestundenti

9. When you text your girl friend,

Yeyeyeye… dongi!!

10. When someone says your phone has to be changed

Ne bonda ra ne bonda

11. When your phone is slow and you are frustrated

Atla chiraak ga chudaku ra, madhyalo apudapud navvara

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