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8 Indian Cricketers & Their Successful Business Ventures


Professional career and side business ila two things ni handle cheyadam ante evarikaina konchem kastame. Kani Indian Cricketers matram ala kadu okaside gentleman game Cricket lo continue avthune inko side…side business kuda chesukuntu gattiga money savings chesukuntunnaru.

Cricket continue chesthu business kuda handle chestunna varu kondaru aithe…Cricket aipoyaka business loki enter aina varu inkondaru. Sachin nundi Kohli varaku mana cricketers and their side business lu ento once chuseddam padandi.

1. Sachin Tendulkar As Entrepreneur & Business Partner

Tendulkar’s & Sachin’s – Restaurant Chains: In 2011, Sachin started a restaurant chain with Tendulkar’s in partnership with celebrity hotelier Sanjay Narang. Soon after this he opened 2 other restaurants named Sachin’s in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Sach and S Drive: Sachin started healthcare and fitness products with the name of Sach and S Drive with Future Group

As Franchise for Kochi Football Team: Sachin owns a Kochi ‘Indian Super League Football team.

2. Sehwag as an Education Entrepreneur

International Schools: Sehwag before announcing his retirement he started his Sehwag International Schools chain in Gurgaon which is successfully running now. Through this he is also encouraging poor people who can’t afford education and cricket and providing education, training cricket for them.

3. Sourav Ganguly as franchise and investor!

Dada entered into business with his ‘Sourav’s – The Food Pavilion’ restaurant didn’t attain much success. And then he invested in a digital start-up called Flickstree and also one of the franchises for ATK, Indian Super League Team which has won the two League trophies.

4. MS Dhoni is a perfect Businessperson, Entrepreneur & CEO!

The best captain of our Indian Team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni entered into business and earned huge money like no other Indian Cricketers. Dhoni, entered into the world of business, by buying a Supersport World Championship Team ‘Mahi Racing Team India’, which is co-owned by Akkineni Nagarjuna.

CEO of Gulf Oil: In 2011, Dhoni was appointed as ambassador of Gulf Oil and soon he became CEO of Gulf Oil in no time.

As an Entrepreneur with SEVEN: Dhoni started his own apparel and fitness products brand called Seven.

5. Virat Kohli as not only great cricketer but also great ambassador and Franchise:

Virat’s first business investment is Goa FC of ISL. And he entered into apparel and fashion business with WROGN brand with Anjana Reddy and tied up with Myntra. We all know about Virat Fitness freak and he entered into fitness business with Chisel which is a chain of GYMs across India.

6. Yuvraj Singh as an entrepreneur with ‘You We Can’

Yuvraj started his second innings with the ‘You We Can’ fashion clothing and fitness products brand.

7. Zaheer Khan own Restaurants

In 2005, Zaheer started a restaurant with the name of ‘Zaheer Khan’s’ and which later turned out to

8. Anil Kumble co-founder of sport training and consultancy!

Legendary spinner Anil sir is co-founder of a sports training and consulting company called TENVIC. He also founded Spektacom, a company that produces chip-like stickers that can judge the power with which the batsman hits the ball and also the areas by monitoring it on mobile phones with an application.



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