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5 Things Indians Do Like-A-Boss


By Aliza Virani

There are a few things that Indians do ‘Like A Boss’. No other Nationality of the World can add any more swag to this than we already do.

Wirally, presents to you the top 5 things Indians pull off like Nobody’s Business. Forget being able to compete with us on these grounds, imitating us itself may be an uphill task for Non-Indian Nationalities from around the World.

Crossing the Road

We are so good at this task and bring in so much Swag in this that we just show our hand to the passing by vehicles and cross the streets. These people assure me that almost all of us skipped the Red-Light and Zebra-Crossing Chapter in School.

Eating Spicy Food

A British Lord once said, “Indians cannot use Toilet Paper because their food is so spicy, the paper will catch Fire!” And this was the only right thing the British ever said, except of course their declaration of Leaving India.

Not Arriving on Time

We have mastered the art of “Areee 15 minute hi toh late hai, kuch nai hota abhi pahuch jaayege.” Well we hardly ever made it to school and college in time for the warning bell. Don’t talk about parties and receptions; they are a very-very late affair altogether.

Fighting with minor Illnesses

Who sees a doctor for a cold, cough or a slight fever? Definitely not us! We have our Dadi-Ke-Nuskhe and Mummy ka extra attention and experiments to take care of us. We don’t need a well-educated qualified physician who knows his job.

Cops ko Mammu Banana

We have all our arguments in place when we are stopped aside for police verification while driving. I still don’t understand how we manage to make everything the Traffic Polices fault and not ours. Also, how most of us have the most generic explanations and still save our arse.

So how high is your swagger quotient? Let your people know #Like and #Share and #Comment

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