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15 Telugu Celebs and their Real Names

Often we see that celebrities put a different reel name and we get so used to it that original name ni marchipothamu and adi...

9 Movies by Krishna Vamsi which prove his mettle!

They say, directors are “Captains of the ship”. Ship motham journey antha baaga vellali ante captain perfect undali. The same way, oka movie baaga...

Ravi Teja gurinchi manam telusukovalsinavi!!

Mass Maharaja is his starname. Ravi Shankar Raju Bhupatiraju is his original name. Ravi Teja is his screen name. Ravi Teja movies ante chalu...

Special things on the very special Ninne Pelladtha for completing 20 Special Years

Oct 4th,1996, 20 years ago Ninne Pelladtha got released. This film remains as one of the most romantic film on cards till date. From Nagarjuna’s hairstyle to Tabu’s ‘Pandu’ this movie

This Generation Of Telugu Directors Who Are Multi-Talented

Apart from directing, these directors also have a hand in other crafts.

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