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Inspiring Facts about Comedian turned Actor, Sunil


Sunil is one of those comedians who have given some silly roles a hysterical touch. He ensures to do movies to hit the audiences in the right chips. For giving some very different roles as a comedian, Sunil has etched for himself great success in tollywood. Now, he is a successful hero but is an example of not having any fruit of success without hardships.

  • He has lost his father in his childhood
    At a tender age of 5, Sunil lost his father and has faced a lot of struggles with his mom through his growing age.sunil, Comedian sunil, sunil father
  • Worked as an assistant accountant
    Sunil’s mother has tried to make him work first and do films later. He worked as an assistant accountant in a diagnostic center in his home town, Bhimavaram.
  • Couldn’t progress as a stage actor
    After his graduation in arts, he couldn’t stand strong in the stage acting field he went into. He was not able to make progress because of his heavy build and voice.
  • He shared being roomies with some big celebrity stars
    Sunil and Trivikram are very good friends. They became roomies once they came to Hyderabad. It was also Sunil’s recommendation to Tolly actor Gowtham Raju that helped Trivikram become the celebrity he is today. The room is still used by Trivirkam as he uses it to write film stories & dialogues.
  • Assistant director
    Sunil who wanted to make his step into the TFI has finally got a chance to work as an assistant director.
  • Wanted to act in negative roles
    Sunil always dreamt of acting in negative roles, taking Mohan Babu as inspiration. But life had something else for him and he became a successful comedian.
  • Practiced dancing in a temple
    Sunil, today, is a fabulous dancer. He has also stroked the film industry with his unbelievable moves and grooves. In his past, being a fan of Megastar Chiranjeevi, he wanted to dance like him. He used to practice in a temple every night.
  • Being an optimist at all times
    “I’ll never forget where I’ve come from. I may be playing a lead role, but I’ll never forget that I started my career as a comedian. I’ll continue entertaining audiences even as a protagonist”, he said.

To such a brilliant actor, we wish him all the happiness and success in life.

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