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Jungle Book Just Made Us Feel Incredibly Old!!


There haven’t been many stories which have the innocence or the universal appeal to connect with an audience irrespective of language or creed. Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book since it’s publishing, has become an epitome of this wonderful acceptability. The highly imaginative book, lead to the television series telecasted world wide in the 90’s. And the chaddi pahen ke phool khila hai became a song which we, Indians, crooned to every Sunday. Now after almost 25 years, the epic adventure is scheduled to come on the screens as a live action feature film. Produced By Disney, and helmed by Jon Fovreu, Jungle Book promises a visual treat like never before. We at Wirally therefore, had this idea to show you how The Jungle Book has graduated over the years

Mowgli : 

Mowgli-Jungle Book

Shere Khan :

Baloo : 

Bhageera : 

Kaa : 

Akela, The Wolf : 


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