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7 Kinds of people you are bound to come across while working out in a gym


The sting of sweat, the clashing noise, the blasting music and all appropriately dressed. No, you haven’t entered a party with people dancing like ‘Mad-Men’ from ages ago. You just walked into a local gymnasium or as we call in the GYM.

The most outrageously entertaining place to be at, the beginning of another lazy day or at the end of another hectic one.

Wirally today brings to you, a list of typical characters we come across while we ‘Work Out’, ‘Tone Up’ or ‘Burn the Fat’ at our Gym.

Character 1: The Hulk:gym

These characters do not have bones or blood or flesh. They only have muscles and muscles and wait… Oh, some more muscles!

Character 2: The Selfie-ers:

These dudes and chicks work out only to: Sweat and Capture. They give social media its everyday feed, all their followers their regular attendance and a lethargic sleeper some portions of inspiration.

Character 3: The Biceps’-Triceps’-Abs’ Lovers:

These characters are only found around the weights section. The only time they touch the ground is to work on their Abs’. They exercise for 5 minutes and then appreciate their build for the next 5. Exercise – appreciate – exercise – appreciate and that’s how their vicious circle is built.

Character 4: The Scream-er:

These characters need to yell out their pain. It’s too much for them to lift up and keep in. They freak us out. Trust me, the last time this one guy yelled at the gym, I dropped a dumble on my leg. Major Ouch!

Character 5: The Weight Checker:

No offense guys, but doing lunges for 3 sets of 12 each does not result in 10kgs weight loss. These characters check their weight after every 15-minute routine and come back only disappointed. *Upset Much*

Character 6: The Bluff Master:

These guys work out only around their Trainer, tell they have completed 5 sets when they were hardly able to breathe after completing their third set. But not Oh-So-Smart, they are almost always caught and have to do an extra set.

Character 7: The Runner:

This set of character only comes to the gym to cardio. Their everyday routine Enter – Warm up – Treadmill – Cycle – Cross Trainer – Stretch – Exit. This character in specific always has his/her music to match his/her tempo.

Have you been to the gym? Know such a character there?

Yes?! Let us know in the comments below.

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