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Know The Origin, Ritual and Importance Of Telangana’s Pride Festival Bonalu


Bathukamma laaga Telangana culture ki addam patte festival edaina undi ante adi Bonalu eh. Tangedu puvvulu, Banthi puvvulatho festival of flowers Bathukamma ane unique festival ela chestharo…Bonalu kuda alane chala popular and unique festival, culture and tradition in Telangana. Bonam ante meal or feast ani ardam undi ani cheptharu. Adigina korikalu tirchinanduku Amma variki oka bonam tho icche gouravame ee Bonam.

Bonam ane festival only Hyderabad and Telangana lone enduku chestharu? Why not in other states? Assala Ee Bonala panduga ela puttindi? Deeni venuka unna katha enti anedi oo sari telusukundham padandi…..

1. Bonalu- The Pride Festival and religious tradition of Telangana people where they offer prayers to Goddess Mahakali – But where did it start, and how did it become a pride festival of Telangana? – Here’s Everything About The Bonalu

2. Bonalu is a tradition, culture, and festival that belongs to Telangana state only. The origin of the Bonalu festival goes back to the 18th century in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

3. A military battalion from Hyderabad was deployed to Ujjain before plague broke out and took the lives of thousands of people out in the twin cities. When this army battalion from Hyderabad got to know about the epidemic in the twin cities, they prayed to the Mother Goddess in Mahakali Temple of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

4. Plague came to control after the Military battalion prayed to the Goddess In Ujjain. In return, Battalion installed an idol of the Goddess Mahakali in Secunderabad. From then people started a tradition of doing ‘Bonalu’ as a thanksgiving to the Goddess for the fulfillment of vows.

5. Women started praying to the Goddess with Bonalu as an offering to the Mother Goddess. Cooked rice mixed with milk, and jaggery in a new brass or earthen pot adorned with neem leaves, turmeric, vermilion and a lit lamp on top of the pot offered to the Goddess followed by band sounds, dances in a procession.

6. Pothuraju plays the main role in the Bonalu procession. A well-built, bare-bodied man is selected as Pothuraju. Pothuraju wears a small tightly draped red dhoti, bells on his ankles, full turmeric on his body, and vermilion on his forehead.

7. From then Bonalu started as an annual festival observed on the first Sunday of the Aashadham Season. Unlike one-day celebrations, Bonalu is held at the temple at Golconda Fort on the 1st day, Balkampet Yellamma temple in Balkampet on the 2nd day, and Ujjaini Mahakali Temple in Secunderabad on the 3rd and, and ends with Muthyalamma temple in Shah Ali Banda.

8. Bonalu is observed on Sundays following, throttle (a small paper of colorful Papers) Rangam (ooregimpu) on Mondays & Ghatam Saganamputa (farewell, Palaharam Bandi are celebrated when the festivities come to an end.

9. Golconda Bonalu, Lashkar Bonalu Of Secunderabad, and Lal Darwaza Bonalu Of Old City Were Very Popular after huge crowds, celebrations, and attractions.

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