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Last minute preparations: How to score good marks


IPE, JEE, NEET inka anni competitive exams are round the corner. Chala mandhi last minute lo tension paduthuntaaru, konnollu syllabus start cheyaledhu ani, mari konnollu syllabus complete cheyaledhu ani! Ee article lo you’ll find tips exams kosamu ela last minute preparation cheyaali ani.

1.Analyze the time leftFirst step is meeru analyze chesukovaali mee dheggara entha time undhi exam mundhu chadukovadaaniki. Correct ga number of days telusthe you can make a stern plan. Days eh kaakunda, ee days lo meeru enni days free unnaro, inka each day lo enni hours allocate cheyacho ani analyze cheyandi.

2.Make a timetableMaking a timetable always helps. Weekly kaakunda day wise timetable chesukovandi. Meeku continuous ga okate subject stretch lo cheyalani undha, ledha one day lo anni subjects koncham koncham cheyalani undho decide chesukovandi. Then make a timetable according to what you will do when.

3.Make notes/flash cardsMeeru chadhuvuthunapudu make notes of what you study. Notes chala chinnaga undaali, so that end moment lo you can just go through them. Make flash cards of all the formulas and important dates, inka mee room lo stick cheyandi.

4.Audio/video tapesIf you are not a reading person, record an audio or video, meeru chadhuvuthunapudu. Ila chesthe while sleeping or meeru vere pani lo busy unnappudu you can just listen to it.

5.Keep yourself hydratedRegular intervals to water thaagadamu inka food thinadamu chala important endukante if you are well hydrated mee brain inka sharp ga pani chesthundhi.

6.Be positiveAnnitikante important always be positive. Meeku emanna raakapoyina don’t get tensed and lose hope. Meeru optimistic ga unte your brain will act receiving to whatever you are studying.