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Laws and Legal Rights every Women needs to know


Attrocities against woman peruguthane pothhunayi. Andhuke oka woman ku thanaku protect chese laws inka legal rights gurinchi thelse undali. Here are a few laws & legal rights that work towards the protection of women.

1.Police, case investigate chestunapudu oka woman ni thana intiki thappa vere place ki rammani analeru.

2.Sexually offend ayina woman di statement, judicial magistrate compulsory record cheyali immediately after the FIR.

3.Oka ammaye internet use chesey monitor check chesthe, it is stalking and is a criminal offense.

4.Sexual offense statement, only women police officer record cheyali, at the victim’s house.

5.Oka single Hindu female ammayi boy or girl ni adopt chesukovacchu.

6.Domestic violence unte, male ni meeru untunna intloki raakunda legally prevent cheyachu.

7.Woman ku interrogation kosamu police station ku pilavaleru according to section 160 of criminal procedure code.

8.Supreme court prakaram, after sunset and before sunlight, woman ni arrest cheyaleru.

9.Zero FIR file cheyachu. This means incident ayina place di police station ke kaakunda, a woman can go and file an FIR at any police station.

10.Harassment complaint email dhwara lodge cheyachu.

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